Girls Gone Child October 16, 2011

34 pages, Color, US$9.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by PalComix

This is one of the first age regression comics and remains one of the most popular. “Girls Gone Child” is the classic AR & AP role reversal comic with Betsy and Lauren, the same characters from “A Tale of Two Sisters” and “Regressing to the Mean.”

Plot Synopsis: Betsy, a sexy teen, loves to tease her skinny undeveloped little sister Lauren, who still looks like a kid. After Lauren’s new medicine helps her suddenly grow to Betsy’s size, Betsy decides to fight back by taking some medicine herself. But Betsy’s scheme backfires and she soon finds herself heading towards a second childhood. How will Betsy react now that’s she’s playing second fiddle?

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This comic is also part of the Betsy and Lauren AR Pack.

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4 thoughts on “Girls Gone Child

      1. Dean

        No prob. I like to see fairness… which is why I like the idea of Mandy getting her just desserts in a sequel to Beach Blanket Beauties…

  1. SM

    I got this just out curiosity, since I purchased the previous two installments over the last year. But I am just feeling sorry for Betsy. This is just a really mean story. Maybe I should have waited for another comic. Would you ever consider a story where Betsy does not get the short end of the stick? Otherwise the comic has great artwork and beautiful colors and I am sure I am in the minority. Most Dream tales fans should enjoy this comic for sure.


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