Beach Blanket Beauties Part Two

28 pages, Color, US$8.99
Age Regression, Age Progression,
Artwork by PalComix

The long awaited sequel to Beach Blanket Beauties! When we last left Suzy and Marilyn, that nasty brat Mandy used a Youth Ray to reduced Suzy and Marilyn to innocent kids. Meanwhile Mandy used the same ray to grow herself into the sexiest babe on the beach.

Plot Summary: Little Suzy and Marilyn, shrunk to children, are under Mandy’s thumb. A desperate attempt to escape goes wrong. And then things start changing… and changing! Can Suzy and Marilyn escape the clutches of that nasty freckle-faced brat? And what punishment does Mandy deserve for being so mean?

Note: The first 5 pages recap the action from Beach Blanket Beauties. It includes new artwork of the age transformation scenes so you get to see them shrink and grow all over again.

You can buy the original comic here: Beach Blanket Beauties

And read the original story here: Beach Blanket Beauties (PDF file)

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