Bojay’s Giantess Cartoons

Bojay's Big Book of Giantess Cartoons53 pages, Black & White, US$ 7.99
Giantess, Mini-Giantess
Artwork by Bojay

A big collection of giantess cartoons by Bojay! Over 50 pages of stand-alone gags, concept pieces, growth sequences and amazing artwork.

The cartoons explore every aspect of GTS including Female Growth, Mini-GTS, Gentle GTS, Muscle Growth, Shrinking Men, clothes bursting, etc. The big girls are all different too – Medieval, African, Japanese, fat, cute, funny, scary, edgy, and pretty much everything in between. The images are mostly single-panel pencil drawings, but there are also some colored ink drawings and 13 multi-panel pages, including several detailed female growth sequences.

“Bojay’s Giantess Cartoons” has 53 pages in black and white, including 13 multi-panel pages.

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US$ 7.99

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