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Bikini Bomb Pack

150 pages, B&W, US$21.99
Three Giantess and Shrinking comics by Bojay for a special price!

Mating Wars Part Two

31 pages, B&W, $8.99

Carol and Gail continue their slow descent from hot babes to little babes.

Yard Work Part Nine

42 pages, Color, $9.99
Nicole, Amy and Mom all grow in this climactic chapter of Yard Work!

Olympic Trials

30 pages, Color, US$8.99

Marilyn uses a growth potion on the Olympic Gymnastics team.


56 pages, Color, $11.99

Older sister Robyn switches roles with little sister Abby.

Yard Work Part Five

43 pages, Color, $9.99

Mom takes charge, and little Luke has an interlude with Nicole.

Yard Work Part Four

41 pages, Color, $9.99

Luke’s shrinking accelerates as Amy and Mom keep growing.

Yard Work Part Three

35 pages, Color, $9.99

Luke has a big showdown with Amy and an awkward meeting with Nicole.

Yard Work Part One

34 pages, Color, US$8.99

A lawn treatment makes big brother Luke shrink as his bratty little sister Amy grows.

Rebecca SW Pack

61 pages, Color and B&W, US$19.99

Three great Shrinking Women comics by the master, Rebecca!