Diaper Comics

Some of my comics feature diapers, or adult characters turned into babies. Many of the comics are drawn by Bojay, an incredible artist who specializes in infants and age-related themes.

You might also be interested in my Age Regression Comics or my Giantess and Shrinking themed comics. You can view all of my comics here. New to DreamTales Comics? Check out a Free Comic.

The Au Pair
A youth potion makes Cindy go from babysitter to babysat.
43 pages, B&W
Price: $7.99
Bojay Time Warp Modified
Over 100 images of Diaper Girls, plus more great artwork by the inimitable mind of Bojay.
400+ pages, B&W
Price: $19.99
ABC Comics
More great Bojay art, including a detailed sequence of a sexy woman who is reduced to a baby..
30 pages, B&W
Price: $7.99
Crybaby Marilyn
Sexy, arrogant Marilyn is slowly regressed to an infant – and beyond!
37 pages, Color
Price: $9.99
Girls Gone Child
Older sister Betsy gets younger as her little sister Lauren grows, and finally becomes a baby.
34 pages, Color
Price: $9.99
Which Baby is Witch?
Kim’s younger sister' turns her into a baby – and baby Minerva into an adult! Great art by Dan Parent.
30 pages, Color
Price: $8.99
The  Age Vampire
Age Vampire Tina turns Mike into an infant, while she grows into a sexy woman.
31 pages, Color
Price: $8.99
College Bound
Includes a great diaper scene with lovely grown-up ladies in a giant crib.
24 pages, Black & White
Price: $6.99
Night at the Opera Part Two
Male Age Regression 42 pages, Color
Price: $10.99
Yard Work Part Thirteen
Male Age Regression, Age Progression, 40 pages, Color
Price: $11.99
Yard Work Thirteen (Artists Edition)
Male AR, Female AP, 40 pages, Color
Price: $13.99

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