Giantess and Shrinking Men Stories

Skyscraper Suzy Giantess Comic by DreamTales

A Scene from Skyscraper Suzy

The Gift of the Magi Download Link
[See the comic version here]
A seasonal fable of two young lovers (with apologies to O Henry).

A Little Game of Hide and Seek (Parts 1-4) Download Link Parts 1-4
Part 5
Brian’s efforts to get a date give him big problems, much to the amusement of his little sister.
The Big Little Sister Download Link
Mike, his girlfriend Betty, and her cute little sister Laurie find their lives intertwine after Laurie develops a school girl crush on her big sister’s boyfriend. 
The Peeping Tom Thumb Download Link
The Atom’s curiosity gets him into big trouble, as the Mighty Mite finds himself with a bigger foe than even he can handle.

Special Delivery Download Link
Dave wants to fly cross-country to see his girlfriend Sara, and decides to save a few dollars by shrinking himself down and sending himself in a Fed Ex package. (Male genitalia warning)

Michael’s Story Download Link
Little Michael’s crush on Mary puts him in a big bind.
Writer’s Block Download Link
Being a size related fetish writer is not all fun and games.

Our Matriarchal Future? Download Link
Just look what I found, in an old copy of Scientific American.
The Crybaby Variations (Part 2) Download Link
Lois has a bit of fun with Supes, turning the tables on him after her recent humiliation.
The Temple Download Link
A young man’s search for enlightenment leads him on a strange adventure.

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