Original Art

GGA pic by Bill Ward

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Julius Zimmerman: The best! One of the most inventive erotic artists working today. Most of these have Giantess or Shrinking Women themes.

Julius Zimmerman

Good Girl Art: Great old gags from the 1960’s. Includes big names like Bill Ward doing Giantess, Shrunken Men and just plain fun artwork.

Good Girl Art Gags

Cluedog: Here’s an Age Regression sequence from Cluedog, who did a great job on my SW comic Journey into Smallness.

Listening WAY too much to the Inner Child

Various Commissions: Mostly SW commissions from various artists on Ebay.

Supergirl by Mike Armstrong
Uncanny Tales Cover by Paradis

Three by Joe Gravel:
Wonder Woman Youth Potion

Joe Orsak: Joe is a really fine artist who sells his work on Ebay under the name reasonart. Most of these are SW commissions of a shrunken Supergirl.

Joe Orsak