ABC Comics July 28, 2011

ABC Comics by Bojay and DreamTales

Bojay’s take off on a classic R Crumb comic.

29 pages, Black & White, US$7.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by Bojay

“This is a very good comic,with a little bit of everything in it.”

Here’s something a bit different by Bojay, a collection of Age Regression and Age Progression comics and pinups. The comic is kinda / sorta based on the old Robert Crumb underground comics of the 1960’s.

Plot Summary: “Milk Does a Body Good” is a 9 page multi-panel story that shows what happens when a little girl gets too much bovine growth hormone. “Halloween Witch” is a 6-page comic with an incredibly detailed AR sequence. “Ebb and Flo” features a brother / sister switcheroo. The rest of the comic is filled with one-page pinups and “pretend” comic covers.

“ABC Comics” has 29 pages in black and white, including 25 multi-panel pages.

Sample illustrations

US$ 7.99

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16 thoughts on “ABC Comics

  1. fosterco

    Some beautiful Bojay artwork. If only the stories didn’t seem to end before they really got started. Some of these “pretend” comic covers should really get expanded to full stories.

  2. dude

    If you are buying this for age-regression, the witch sequence is good but very short and the best shot is in the preview of this already, and there are only like 3 other stills with age-regression. Not really worth it yo,

    1. dreamtales Post author

      I guess there is more AR than AP, but I feel the AR sequence is great throughout. The pic in the preview is in the early stages, and the rest of the 12 pics are all pretty amazing work by Bojay.

    2. Daniel

      Yes the Witch sketch is the only Ar piece. But it’s amazing. Some of Bojays finest work. YOu won’t find artwork like this anywhere else.It may only be 5 pages long but its hot and to the point The comic has something for everyone. Regards of how long each story is.

  3. SM

    Amazing artwork. The milk commercial spoof was awesome…been wanting an age progression story for a while now, with no age regression. Thanks. Any more on the way?

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Glad you liked it! Yes, there’s a new Age Progression-only comic underway by the Pepper Pair. And Bojay is working on a female AP, male AR comic. Both should be ready later this year.

      1. SM

        Awesome. Any chance of making the character outgrow those that were previously taller? Growing to above average height would be most welcome.

  4. Hunter S. Creek

    The parody of the milk commercial was quite enjoyable! Thank you!

    I especially enjoy the idea of pairing Age Progression of the female character along with an enhanced physical development of the female character.
    In other words — It is a cool concept to have a female character rapidly age from infant to eighteen; but quite a lot better if she develops into a very busty, very leggy, very cute, tall supermodel along the way.

    Please do more comics like the milk commercial — i.e., Female AP (without AR) and the AP resulting in very busty, very leggy, very cute, tall supermodels.

    One suggestion would be to have the baby sister of a cheerleader and nerd rapidly grow to become the best-built and newest cheerleader.
    The little sister’s AP happens after she is accidentally exposed to a growth formula that the girls’ short, scrawny, nerdy brother was hoping to create in his basement lab in order to grow himself big enough to become a football player.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Glad you liked it! I’m working on a new comic with a similar theme – a bratty kid sister who grows into a sexy bombshell, driving her brother crazy.

          1. dreamtales Post author

            It’s a very long comic, so it will take at least until the middle of the year to complete. But I might start putting up portions of it before then. I want to draw out the teasing as much as possible.

            (I need to start putting up an “Upcoming Comics” section)

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