Beach Blanket Beauties May 25, 2011

Suzy and Marilyn regress to little girls.

Suzy and Marilyn regress to little girls.

29 pages, Color, US$8.99
Age Regression, Age Progression,
Artwork by PalComix

“Beach Blanket Beauties is hands down my favorite of every comic I’ve purchased.”

Bratty Mandy zaps Suzy and Marilyn with a youth ray, and they slowly regress to teenagers, adolescents and even younger. A classic Age Regression comic!

Palcomix  did a really great job on the art, which perfectly captures the excitement and trepidation of two sexy ladies slowly getting younger.

Plot Summary: Mandy, a cute adolescent, tries out her dad’s youth ray on Suzy and Marilyn. The two ladies’ plans to find boyfriends at the beach get frustrated as they slowly regress to teenagers, adolescents and even younger. Meanwhile that little brat Mandy has big plans of her own! Soon a sexy Mandy lords it over little Suzy and Marilyn.

The comic is roughly based on my Age Regression story of the same name. You can read the original story here: Beach Blanket Beauties

Sample illustrations

US$ 8.99

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This comic is also part of the Suzy and Marilyn AR Pack.

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23 thoughts on “Beach Blanket Beauties

  1. Remylocke

    Not too shabby for $9. Would love to see Mandy toy with the shrinking duo more, but overall a solid effort and storyline.

    1. Dean

      Mandy is not going to have any reason to restore Suzy and Marilyn because she knows what they would do to her… And she’s being pretty mean too.

  2. Dean

    Well, if you’d like me to tweak the original story I sent you, please let me know. I’d be happy to, and I’ll do it for nothing.

  3. Nom Anor

    I know it’s 2 months late, but I wanted to say how much I loved the comics I downloaded back in February. You’re stuff is still the best on the market and I was glad to get the Suzy/Marilyn comics I’ve been meaning to get caught up on. Beach Blanket Beauties is hands down my favorite of every comic I’ve purchased.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      If you’re asking when the next AR comic is coming out, I’d say hopefully in a month or two. It’s still getting completed.

      Thanks for asking!

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Hi Dean, thanks! (I think you’re too polite to ask about the sequel?)

      Anyway, I have been working on the sequel script and finally an starting to feel decent about it. Palcomix are busy on another comic, but hopefully after that they can start on it.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Yes, I’m planning on using the same artist, if he’s available. He did such a great job on this comic. BTW the script is pretty much done, I just have to wait for the artist to complete another comic I have him working on.

  4. Brian

    Very nice, the progress between AP/AR was done very well. I’m glad I made the purchases. Part Two was also worth the buy as well. Keep up the good work.


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