The Big Crush March 11, 2011

Sarah has a growth spurt and crushes her crush Tom in the Big Crush by Bojay and DreamTales.

Sarah has a growth spurt and crushes her crush Tom.

21 pages, Color and B&W, US$6.99
Shrinking Men, Giantess
Artwork by Bojay

A classic Female Growth comic! What happens when a girl outgrows her crush? Little Sarah has a huge crush on Tom, but as she grows to a tall, curvy young woman he doesn’t seem so big any more.

Story Summary: Cute little Sarah has a big crush on Tom, an older boy who’s the coolest guy in school. But as Sarah blossoms from a skinny girl to a tall, curvy young woman her perspective on Tom changes. Suddenly Tom dwindles into a little pest.

The comic has 16 multi-panel pages of really great detailed artwork by Bojay, colored by the Pepper Pair. There is also a bonus “Comic Cover Gallery,” 5 pages of fun fake comic covers and splash pages by Bojay. See what the next issue of “Female Growth Comics” or “Shrinking Men Comics” might look like!

Sample illustrations


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This comic is also part of the Bojay Female Growth Pack.

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6 thoughts on “The Big Crush

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  2. Remylocke

    Great artwork! Could have used more interaction between characters, but storyline was really good. $7 is more than a fair price for this gem.

  3. SM

    Good stuff in it, but was under the impression she was going to become a giantess, but this never happened. Still, at $7.00 dollars, very much worth it. I am eagerly awaiting a growth story with no shrinkage or age regression(I know, I am probably in the minority here). Just my personal opinion. I have purchased about 7-8 comics so far. And my favorites are Bojays Giantess Compilation, and ABC Comics.

  4. Vader

    An excellent roll reversal. She could really see Tom for who he is and gave Tom what he wanted in the end. I really like the look of pure joy as she did it and how he was trying to resist her. The shots of her in the very sexy bikini are wonderfully done. It really builds up to the ending, which really pays off.

    It is a good story with great artwork. Definitely worth the price.


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