Bojay Time Warp Modified March 8, 2011

Age Regression art in Bojay's Time Warp Modified

“This Oil of Ole’ really does make me look years younger!”

400+ images, B&W, US$19.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by Bojay

More great artwork by the inimitable mind of Bojay!

A compilation of over 400 images and drawings in both black and white and color. Subjects include Age Regression, Age Progression, Diaper Girls, Animals, and more Girls. There are lots of great sketches and thumbnails for AR stories. Also includes two animations. Here’s a breakdown:

AR/AP: 80 Images
Diaper Girls: 114 mages
Various Girls: 36 Images
Sketches: 118 Images
Animations: 2
Other: 95 Images

Note: If you bought the first Bojay’s Time Warp you already have everything in this collection. Basically Time Warp (Modified) is the same as the original Time Warp but minus some copyrighted images. It’s also cheaper, at $20 versus the original $35.

Sample illustrations

US$ 19.99

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All sales proceeds go to Bojay. Time Warp was Produced by Alec Leamus.

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7 thoughts on “Bojay Time Warp Modified

  1. dreamtales Post author

    The AR/AP section is 75 images, plus another 50+ images on other sections, and female AR is at least 50% of them. So I’d say 60-70 or more images in total of female AR. Plus there’s over 100 images of girls in diapers.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      As far as I know it’s all new stuff, nothing posted on Archive or Bojay Premium before. There is a section in it called “previously posted” but I think it wasn’t on the AR Archive. Also I didn’t include that section in my estimated number of images above.


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