Commander Boch March 8, 2011

Sexy Commander Boch loses her authority as she shrinks to doll size, by Rebecca and DreamTales

Sexy Commander Boch loses her authority as she shrinks to doll size.

17 pages, B&W, US$6.99
Shrinking Women
Artwork by Rebecca

A domineering and sexy female space commander shrinks into a helpless nude doll girl.

Rebecca’s great erotic Shrinking Women art shows why she is one of the best comic artists working today. Commander Boch is sexy, stylish and beautiful!

Story Summary: The beautiful Commander Boch is also the toughest officer in Star Fleet. But her authority is challenged when her space pod is hit by a blast of gamma rays that make her shrink smaller and smaller. As her stature dwindles, she develops an odd fixation on certain parts of junior cadet’s Montgrief’s anatomy. “Commander Boch” is a great space adventure in the classic manner of artists like Wally Wood. (Note: Male genitalia warning)

The comic has 12 beautiful multi-panel pages plus another 5 exquisite full page illustrations by Rebecca.

Sample illustrations

US$ 6.99

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This comic is also part of the Rebecca SW Pack.

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