Giantess Therapy December 8, 2011

A giantess Melinda takes a peek at a penthouse office in Giantess Therapy by DreamTales.

A giantess Melinda takes a peek at a penthouse office.

46 pages, Color, US$11.99
Giantess, Female Growth,
Artwork by The Pepper Pair

A straight-up Giantess comic featuring all-new characters by the Pepper Pair. A little pill turns sweet trophy wife Melinda into a rampaging giantess.

Story Summary: Giantess Therapy – it’s ten times better than a psychiatrist! Ex-wife Ivana convinces Melinda to take a pill that makes her grow at will. But what Melinda thinks is a fun fantasy is all too real for her developer husband Jack and his many customers. Melinda grows and grows, turning into a ten foot tall mini-giantess, a 50 foot giant, and finally topples a row of skyscrapers!

Sample illustrations

Price: US$11.99

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7 thoughts on “Giantess Therapy

  1. Dean

    Looks neat, but I still would really like to see Mandy get her come-uppance in a sequal to ‘Beach Blanket Babies’…

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Wow, you really have it in for Mandy (but she deserves it)! Actually she is returning in a new comic, hopefully ready in a few months, but I regret to tell you that she won’t be getting her comeuppance quite yet.

      1. Dean

        Good things come to those who wait. Actually, the one pic that made me want to see revenge was her comment at the end saying that “you have to know how to handle children”, considering that she is actually younger than Suzy and Marilyn…. That self-satisfied smirk has to be wiped off her face!!!!!

  2. Brian

    Another great GTS comic! I loved the whole idea of Melinda being tricked into that all of the things happening is just a dream. A very good and orginal plot idea, though the growth process was faster than I normally like… and I was hoping for some more re-growing process. Like her returning to normal and re-doing some of the fantasies through out the comic. But overall, I still loved it and nice pricing for 46 pages. I would love to see a sequel to this one as well, just like “The Big Splash.”

    4 out of 5

  3. Ray MacMeeken

    I was interesting in subscribing and remember there was a monthly fee. How do I get to that page? Thank you for the help, Ray MacMeeken

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks for asking! Actually, the comics aren’t available by subscription, they are individual purchase only.

      Cheers, DT


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