Girls Gone Child October 16, 2011

Betsy regresses in Girls Gone Child.

A reducing formula turns sexy Betsy into a child.

34 pages, Color, US$9.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by PalComix

One of the first age regression comics and still one of the most popular. “Girls Gone Child” is a classic Age Regression and Age Progression role reversal comic with sisters Betsy and Lauren.

Plot Synopsis: Betsy, a sexy teen, teases her skinny undeveloped little sister Lauren, who still looks like a kid. Lauren’s new growth hormone makes her suddenly grow to a sexy woman, and Betsy decides to fight back by taking some herself. But Betsy’s scheme backfires and she soon finds herself regressing to a child. How will Betsy cope now that’s she’s looking up at her little sister?

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This comic is also part of the Betsy and Lauren AR Pack.

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5 thoughts on “Girls Gone Child

      1. Dean

        No prob. I like to see fairness… which is why I like the idea of Mandy getting her just desserts in a sequel to Beach Blanket Beauties…

  1. SM

    I got this just out curiosity, since I purchased the previous two installments over the last year. But I am just feeling sorry for Betsy. This is just a really mean story. Maybe I should have waited for another comic. Would you ever consider a story where Betsy does not get the short end of the stick? Otherwise the comic has great artwork and beautiful colors and I am sure I am in the minority. Most Dream tales fans should enjoy this comic for sure.


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