Marilyn’s New Dress March 2, 2011

Marilyn becomes a rampaging giantess in Marilyn's New Dress! A classic Giantess Comic by DreamTales.

Marilyn becomes a rampaging giantess in Marilyn’s New Dress!

21 pages, Color, US$6.99
Shrinking Women, Shrinking Men, Giantess
Artwork by PalComix

Marilyn becomes a rampaging giantess in Marilyn’s New Dress!

Marilyn’s new dress is three sizes too small. Luckily for her, she has the latest in technology – a remote control size-changing device! Chaos ensues when it gets into the hands of her rival Suzy and bad-boy Brad, as Marilyn goes from a minute spec to a rampaging giantess. And what does that other button do?

The comic is roughly half Shrinking Women and half Giantess.

Sample illustrations

US$ 6.99

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This comic is also part of the Suzy and Frank Pack.

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5 thoughts on “Marilyn’s New Dress

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  2. Brian

    Nice one! I love the SW to GTS Action in this. Though again a little fast on the growth :/ But still another great piece. Another worty comic to purchase. Keep up the great work everyone. Also I know I’ve said this before, but a sequel is must on this one as well. Reason Below.


    Since Suzy was shrunken down too in the end. You could have both shrink down further and have a little SM action with the small guy with Suzy and Marilyn in a doll house (Like a mom and kids thing.). And if they grow back to normal, it could be overdone and you could then have a Giantess vs. Giantess Meele Action in the city ^_^ Just a thought…

    Overall: 3 1/2 out of 5


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