The Princess and the Potion March 7, 2011

Princess and the Potion Age Regression Comic by DreamTales and Bojay

A shrunken Delilah is comforted by her servant Sheila, an evil witch in disguise.

37 pages, Color, US$7.99
Age Regression, Age Progression,
Artwork by Bojay

A classic AR / AP story with some of Bojay’s most beautiful artwork! The illustrations are exquisitely rendered with pen and ink, and painstakingly hand-colored with water colors. Each page is a real work of art.

This comic features almost every variation of female Age Regression and Age Progression including adult to youth, adult to old age, and youth to adult.

Story Summary: The beautiful Princess Delilah is summoned to marry Price Adam. Her servant Sheila, an evil witch in disguise, offers an escape – by turning her into a child. Princess and servant switch roles, and their plan becomes a nightmare when Delilah is assumed to be a real servant child. Can Delilah regain her age and royal status? Will the wicked Sheila be revealed as an old crone? And who invited the Huns to the wedding ceremony?

You can read the original story here: Princess and the Potion

Sample illustrations

US$ 7.99

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This comic is also part of the Bojay AR Pack.

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