Regressing to the Mean March 8, 2011

Betsy regresses to a 6 year old at summer camp in Regressing to the Mean by DreamTales and PalComix

Betsy regresses to a 6 year old at summer camp.

41 pages, Color, US$9.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by PalComix

A classic age regression role reversal at an all-girls summer camp! Domineering older sister Betsy shrinks to a child, while her little sister Lauren blossoms into a sexy woman.

Plot Synopsis: When Lauren rebels against Betsy’s domineering personality, Mom sends the girls to a summer camp. Betsy is mistakenly put in with the youngest girls, while Lauren is placed with the oldest. Soon each girl starts to act and look like their new friends, with Lauren growing to a young adult and Betsy shrinking to an innocent child. Betsy is trapped as her once-obedient little sister becomes an authority figure!

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This comic is also part of the Betsy and Lauren AR Pack.

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7 thoughts on “Regressing to the Mean

  1. nicky

    Is there a physical book to buy? I’m phobic about transactions on the internet. Were could I get it in the UK? Wasn’t there another Betsy/Lauren title?

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Hi nicky,
      No, the comics are digital download only. If you have any problems on the transaction just let me know.
      There are three Betsy & Lauren comics – you can click on the link to the right to see them all.
      Thanks, DreamTales

  2. Remylocke

    Not my favorite, the storyline just didn’t do it for me. Art was fantastic, price was fair, but I just could not fall in love with the storyline like I wanted to. Still glad I bought it though.

  3. Euro5+

    Of all your stories, my favorite was “Regressing to the Mean.” What I enjoyed most about that story was the plot’s slow, gradual rise to the spanking climax. There were several scenes of the two estranged sisters interacting with a third character. Because of their enhanced or reduced size, this third character responds differently to each of them (typically in a manner which articulates their new social status). Some acted dismissive of the diminished sis and accepting of the enlarged one, for example.

    In my own opinion, this touches on one of the cornerstones of the Age Regression fantasy: the relationship between social status, respect, and age. By separating the main conflict (the rivalry of the sisters), and demonstrating the larger ramifications of the age change, I think you achieved your most enriched and best narrative,

    Personally, I’ve tried to think up more of these scenarios and have to admit my imagination was quickly exhausted, so I credit you having done a good job with a tough task.

  4. David


    This is the best comic you have on the site. Any chance of a sequel showing the sisters going back to school? The older maybe having to drop a few years? The younger being to old for school? Or them trying to get back to their old life and roles? Don’t even know where you would start.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks so much, I’m really glad you liked it. It’s actually one of my faves as well and I’ve been thinking of a trying out a sequel or an alternate version. One thought is to have Lauren actually recognize Betsy at the Summer Camp and use the opportunity to get some well-deserved payback. Or Betsy trying (and failing miserably) to go back to her role as the dominant sister.

  5. David

    Make it a sequel. They get home and have to adjust to their new roles. School? Do they change years? Betsy starts to grow again, how does Lauren react? What if Betsy tries to assume control and the failure makes her loose even more confidence and regress even younger? What if something happened to Mother and Lauren had to look after Betsy full time? Then we have school friends? Boys? Where do the plots end here…


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