Remembrances of Sisters Past March 8, 2011

Betsy is shocked when her little sister Lauren becomes a woman. in Remembrances, an Age Regression Comic by Bojay and DreamTales

Betsy is shocked when her little sister Lauren becomes a woman.

51 pages, B&W, US$9.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by Bojay

A classic Age Progression and Age Regression comic with great art by Bojay! Remembrances explores an eternal theme: when the younger sister outgrows the older one.

Story Summary: A young boy’s childhood games with two sisters takes on a new dimension when they meet again years later. While he and Betsy used to play house with little Lauren, now he and a grown-up Lauren discipline little Betsy!

Built roughly around a series of reminiscences, this comic includes lots of fantasy illustrations of little girls getting bigger (and some bigger ones getting smaller). Almost all of the drawings are detailed pen and ink illustrations. This comic is really a labor of love, and the product of several years of collaboration with Bojay. Includes an amazing three page extended AR / AP fantasy sequence with 48 images of AP growth and AR shrinking.

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This comic is also part of the Bojay AR Pack.

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  2. kokiri

    I want to say I love your stories/comics you guy’s do they are good and you do a lot of ra and rp comics but have you thought about doing mistaken identity comics you know the stories that are on bojay and beyondthemagicbox and what about ABDL stories and if Heidegger sees this I can not Login to bojay you see I lost my Password and when a Send for a nw one I don’t get the E-mail can you please help me.


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