Skyscraper Suzy II March 7, 2011

A giant Suzy watches Frank shrink in Skyscraper Suzy II. by DreamTales

A giant Suzy watches Frank shrink in Skyscraper Suzy II.

30 pages, Color, US$7.99
Giantess, Shrinking Men, Mini-Giantess
Artwork by PalComix

“We love Skyscraper Suzy II so much. It was made for the Mini-GTS community.” 
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A classic Mini-Giantess comic featuring Suzy and Frank in a sexy resort hotel! “Skyscraper Suzy II” is a sequel to “Skyscraper Suzy” and follows a growing Suzy and shrinking Frank as they go through various adventures. About a third of the comic is process, while the rest is mini-Giantess and Shrinking Men.

Story summary: Suzy makes a really big presentation in Tokyo, and then makes waves at a tropical resort when she turns into a ten-foot tall giantess. Meanwhile Frank discovers that a lot of women seem to find a two-foot tall guy irresistible!

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US$ 7.99

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