Skyscraper Suzy March 4, 2011

A giantess Suzy on an aircraft carrier in Skyscraper Suzy, a Giantess Comic by DreamTales.

A giantess Suzy on an aircraft carrier in Skyscraper Suzy.

30 pages, Color, US$7.99
Giantess, Shrinking Men
Artwork by PalComix

The definitive giantess comic! Suzy slowly grows into a mega-giantess, while her boyfriend Frank shrinks. Palcomix did a great job showing Suzy slowly growing out of her world. Skyscraper Suzy is one of the most popular comics on this site, and a classic giantess story.

Story Summary: After Suzy and Frank encounter a strange radioactive cloud, Frank loses weight while Suzy seems taller. The doctor recommends a vacation but when Frank arrives at a tropical resort the bikini-clad ladies look like amazons. Meanwhile Suzy’s problems just keep getting bigger and bigger. Suzy gets a ride n an aircraft carrier, and ends up as a mega-giantess in Manhattan!

Sample illustrations
Read a review of the comic.

You can see Part Two of Skyscraper Suzy here.

US$ 7.99

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This comic is also part of the Suzy and Frank Pack.

スカイスクレーパー・スージー 日本語版

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