Sleepover March 7, 2011

A shrunken Brian dangles from a nipple in Sleepover, a Shrinking Men Comic by DreamTales and Scott Jones

A shrunken Brian dangles from a giant nipple in Sleepover.

28 pages, Color, US$7.99
Shrinking Men, Giantess
Art by Scott Jones

A beautiful giantess / shrinking men story with some great artwork. Two guys use a shrinking ray to crash a girls’ sleepover party. Artist Scott Jones (of “Giant Jill” fame) has done a fantastic job on this Shrinking Men comic, with coloring by MamaBliss.

Story Summary: Brian’s sexy sister Marcie is having a sleepover – and inviting her two hot girlfriends. Brian and his buddy Sean are driving themselves crazy wondering what’s going on next door. Wouldn’t it be great to be a fly on the wall in Marcie’s bedroom? Sean tries out his new Volume Reduction Machine, giving the miniature mates a front row seat in Marcie’s dollhouse. But the girls soon discover tiny Brian and turn the tables on the helpless guys.

Sample illustrations

US$ 7.99

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2 thoughts on “Sleepover

  1. Vader

    This was a simple comic, yet also enjoyable. It has it’s sexy moments and is well paced.
    Only problem is no story to go with it. The art does it’s job however.

    I think a sequel would be nice.


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