Something in the Water March 8, 2011

Students mysteriously grow into tall sexy women and shrink into immature little boys in Something in the Water by Bojay and DreamTales

Students mysteriously grow into tall sexy women and shrink into immature little boys.

30 pages, B&W, US$9.99
Age Progression, Age Regression
Artwork by Bojay

The classic female age progression comic! A class of young students mysteriously grow into tall sexy women and shrink into immature little boys.

Story Summary: Why are all the girls in school growing up so fast? And why are all the boys getting so little? How will it affect Cindy’s relationship with her boyfriend Roger? And what happens when Bobby, the school bully, gets payback from Lisa and her sexy friend Marcie?

“Something in the Water” includes 30 very detailed pages of multi-panel artwork, plus an 4 additional pages of wonderful fantasy sketches by Bojay!

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This comic is also part of the Bojay Female Growth Pack.

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13 thoughts on “Something in the Water

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  2. mmm

    This comic is one of my favorites and it is a real AP AR comic with role reversal and alot of humiliation scenes made in a nice story line and outstanding deserves more than i have payed for it….
    i wish to see a sequel for it like the teacher/students role reversal such as a teacher who is tough to girls in school and she confronts three sisters one in high school,one in 4th grade and last one in 1st grade and she gets regressed to taste her own medicine by humiliation, spanking, and domination from each sister in each class…it could be made on two parts or more

  3. Eck Muttox

    Hi, do you have any ‘mental’ age regression comics rather that just physical please?

    Were the character is obviously just mentally regressed only?



    1. dreamtales Post author

      No,I don’t think there are any like that. “High School Confidential” has a scene where an adult pretends to be a baby, but it’s just one part of the comic (and she’s pretending).

      Thanks for asking – maybe I’ll have to do one?

  4. Eck Muttox

    Hi and apologies for the late reply….yes that would be great if you can do some mental AR scenes…care to take a look at some from previous artists at all? Whats your email please?


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  6. David Smith

    Will there ever be a sequel to this brilliant comic?

    This is the best comic on the site and there are so many things to explore in this school.

    The next class outgrowing the current boys. A new generation of boys starting out as the big boys, bullies, and then regressing to the same level as our characters … revenge.

    Little sisters now as big sisters.

    Oh and life in the play pen of course.

  7. Nick

    I wish there was a sequel to this where the roles are reversed, and the age stasis/regression happens to the girls.

    I think it’s more fun to see girls with diminished status, swooning over the larger boys because we get the opposite SO MUCH, but almost no attention is paid to the dynamic of girls getting younger, but retaining a desire to be with the older men.

    Not enough of male paternalism is ever explored in any AR material, and I wish it were — it’s such a neat, underserved dynamic.

    It goes without saying this is my favorite comic, and it’s brilliant, btw. I’m just hoping for a sequel like this. 🙂


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