Suzy’s Super Sunday April 18, 2011

Suzy shrinks to get Frank's attention in a fun Shrinking Women comic by Rebecca and DreamTales

Suzy shrinks to doll size to get Frank’s attention.

20 pages, Color, US$6.99
Shrinking Women
Artwork by Rebecca

A great Shrinking Women comic by Rebecca, the master of erotic art! Rebecca’s take on Suzy and Frank is a little different, but a lot of fun. A cute sexy story with some really great artwork and sexy pinup pics.

Story Summary: Frank wants to spend all afternoon watching football, so Suzy tries to distract him – with a sexy outfit and a shrinking potion. When Frank sends her to get a beer she finds that the task is becoming bigger by the second. Suzy slowly shrinks out of her clothes and enters a huge world!

“Suzy’s Super Sunday” has 13 multi-panel pages of hand colored artwork by Rebecca, plus another 7 pages of color pinups.

Sample illustrations

US$ 6.99

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This comic is part of the Rebecca Shrinking Women Pack.

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One thought on “Suzy’s Super Sunday

  1. Remylocke

    Cute, whimsical, but not over the top. Above average artwork for this style of story. Makes me wish it was football season!


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