SW Double Feature March 8, 2011

Shrinking Women Comic by Cluedog and DreamTales

The mighty Superchick shrinks to a helpless doll-sized woman.

45 pages, Color B&W, US$7.99
Shrinking Women

Two fun Shrinking Women comics! Superchick shrinks and shrinks, while a tall model with a big ego gets cut down to size.

A Long Night’s Journey into Smallness
Art by Cluedog
Shrinking Women, 28 pages, black & white

SuperChick, a costumed super heroine, bursts in on a female baddy, gets hit by a ray gun, and shrinks. …and shrinks and shrinks and shrinks. Follow a once-mighty super woman as she gets increasingly helpless (and hard to see). Cluedog, as an SW aficionado himself, really “gets it” and brings a great sense of excitement to the comic.

Feet or Inches?
Art by Acesgraphics
Shrinking Women, 17 pages, Color

Nicole, a tall, haughty fashion model, goes to a gig at Minimax Studios and gets her ego (and much else) cut down to size. “Feet or Inches?” features art by Acesgraphics, an outfit from India.

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