SW Double Feature March 8, 2011

Shrinking Women Comic by Cluedog and DreamTales

The mighty Superchick shrinks to a helpless doll-sized woman.

45 pages, Color B&W, US$7.99
Shrinking Women

Two fun Shrinking Women comics! Superchick shrinks and shrinks, while a tall model with a big ego gets cut down to size.

A Long Night’s Journey into Smallness
Art by Cluedog
Shrinking Women, 28 pages, black & white

SuperChick, a costumed super heroine, bursts in on a female baddy, gets hit by a ray gun, and shrinks. …and shrinks and shrinks and shrinks. Follow a once-mighty super woman as she gets increasingly helpless (and hard to see). Cluedog, as an SW aficionado himself, really “gets it” and brings a great sense of excitement to the comic.

Feet or Inches?
Art by Acesgraphics
Shrinking Women, 17 pages, Color

Nicole, a tall, haughty fashion model, goes to a gig at Minimax Studios and gets her ego (and much else) cut down to size. “Feet or Inches?” features art by Acesgraphics, an outfit from India.

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One thought on “SW Double Feature

  1. Vader

    A decent pair of comics.

    “A Long Night’s Journey into Smallness” is a good black and white comic. Has lots of shrinking. SuperChick gets really tiny in this one. Smaller than I would normally like. But it has nice shrinking sequences. The cliffhanger style ending is nifty. Left me with wanting to see more.

    “Feet or Inches?” is just as delightful. It makes nice use of colors. I do like the backdrop of a height scale. The story progression is enjoyable as she realizes what’s going on. Has a fair number of good shots of her tiny. The ending is a great contrast to the beginning. I don’t want to give anything away. But I would like to think she has one doozy of a story to tell at her next Gig.


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