A Tale of Two Sisters March 7, 2011

Betsy is outgrown by her little sister in A Tale of Two Sisters by DreamTales and Palcomix

Betsy is outgrown by her little sister in A Tale of Two Sisters

29 pages, Color, US$7.99
Age Regression, Age Progression,
Artwork by PalComix

“A Tale of Two Sisters” is a classic role reversal story featuring rival sisters Betsy and Lauren. This is one of the first and most popular age regression and age progression comics.

Plot Synopsis: Betsy teases her little sister Lauren, but the tables are turned when Lauren outgrows her older sibling. A visit to the doctor makes matters worse when Lauren mistakenly gets a growth booster and Betsy a growth inhibitor.

So what do you do when your big sister turns little? Can Betsy stop Lauren from stealing her dream boyfriend? And should an adult Lauren give her childish older sister some well-deserved discipline?

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US$ 7.99

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This comic is also part of the Betsy and Lauren AR Pack.

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3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Sisters

  1. Brian

    This is another great AP/AR comic! I love how you started it off, just goes to show you, be carefull who you pick on, they may not not stay so little 😀 Also loved how you change thier progressing mind sets accourding to age, I love it when writers/drawers take time to place realistic settings into a story, even though something like this couldn’t really happen sadly…. But I digress, yet another fine addition to this sites collections. Please keep up the fine work, also look forward to seeing some more GTS/SW comics in the near future, if you need ideas I would be more than happy to pitch some.

    Thanks again for the fine piece.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Hi Brian, thanks so much for the nice comments – they are much appreciated. I’m always open to ideas, just use the contact form to send them.

      Cheers, DT


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