The Age Vampire September 29, 2012

Age Vampire Tina steals Mike’s age for herself.

Age Vampire Tina steals Mike’s age for herself.

26 + 5 pages, Color, US$ 8.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by Bojay

A great Male Age Regression / Female Age Progression comic by Bojay! The story is based on an original concept by Bojay, and his pencils have been inked and colored beautifully by Sedna Studio.

Story Summary: Mike, the biggest hunk on the beach, is amused as little Tina tries to tag along with him. But the more he sees of her, the bigger she gets. Meanwhile he’s starting to look a little short and skinny himself. Imagine a vampire that takes away your age instead of your blood!

“The Age Vampire” has 26 multi-panel color pages, plus another 5 pages of black and white drawings and concept pieces.

Sample illustrations
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US$ 8.99

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17 thoughts on “The Age Vampire

  1. Euro5+

    A clean, coherent, and cozy (no venom or cruelty to be found in this one) age swap plot without frill or blemish. Bojay’s usual artistic rendering was somewhat flattened by the coloring, but that’s a tiny picked knit as the color choices for the sand and water were idyllically soothing and added to Mike’s subdued state of self-awareness and the story’s family-friendly scripting. Overall, a highly enjoyable piece with a professionally executed narrative and artistic command. A value at the price!

  2. ??

    after reading something in the water i had an idea of AR/AP comics which will be best in Bojays stile
    i just want your opinion on it (if it is annoying you can simply ignore my comment )
    the plot
    Witch (or Fairy) is enjoying her day in the park near playground. then she sees 4 couples
    now i will describe couples and what will happen to them separately

    couple #1: boy is jerk and mean to his girlfriend, he always shows who is wearing pants in their relationship, girl thinks he needs to be disciplined, Witch (or Fairy) overhears it and zaps them. boy becomes little brat and girl becomes strict mommy (changing process takes days or month). their relationship now is he gets spanked every time he misbehaves.

    couple #2: boy is intelligent and proud of it, he is male chauvinist thinking men are smarter then women and his girlfriend is blond he always looks down on her intelligence. Witch (or Fairy) sees it and zaps them. he becomes babbling child who can’t speak or walk and she becomes intelligent adult teacher (not bimbo)(changing process takes days or month). their relationship now consists of him being educated to talk and walk by his mommy, also he gets potty trained.

    couple #3: boy thinks that his girlfriend is dependent on him and wishes that she would have been the one taking care of him. Witch (or Fairy) overhears it and zaps them. what can i say more he is a baby who is been fed, bathed and diaper changed by his responsible adult mommy (changing process takes days or month).

    couple #4: both are in good relationship and they are discussing their shared future, in which girl is thinking of having a baby. that frightens the boy an he says that he is happy with just two of them and he dose not want to share her with anyone even baby. Witch (or Fairy) overhears it and zaps them. he is shrinking and she is growing until he is unbirthed by her and she is now pregnant with him, eventually she gives birth and raises him (changing process takes days or month).

    ending: after a year or so “mommies” bring their “babes” to the same park, where they leave children on the playground and seat not far and are watching children and are having a mommies talk (Note: their not acquainted, they meet each other in the ending). Witch (or Fairy) watches from distance what her zapping done, with a smile of coarse.

    what do you think?

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks for the ideas – these are all fun and good examples of role reversal. I’ll definitely keep them in mind!

      Cheers, DreamTales

        1. dreamtales Post author

          Yes, he’d definitely be great. Maybe I’ll talk to him about it.

          It’s funny – I already have a fairy story I’ve been working on that has some similar scenes.

          Thanks, DT

  3. v00d00

    Although Male AR isn’t my thing, I love Bojay’s artwork, and this comic didn’t disappoint!

    I love the way Bojay draws his charactors, the women always look so hot, and he makes even average storylines worth the cost of the comic!

    I can’t wait for the next Bojay female SW/AR comic!

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, sorry for the late reply. I’m working on a new Bojay SW comic, hopefully out early next year.

      Really glad you like the comic!

  4. Remylocke

    This was was pretty darn good. I wish there was more teasing/humiliation, but it was drawn together VERY well. Great work! I give it an 8/10.

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  6. Tomb

    Hmm, reading this one I found a lot to be liked about it. The drawing style and illustrations are pleasing to the eye. I found the sequence it self sexy (Tina’s Development) and funny (Mike’s cluelessness). The panel order and structure was well placed too, had a lot going on. I was enjoying it all until toward the end when the mention of ‘Mommy’ kind of brought things to a akward screeching halt. Then it passed over into freaky town for me, given word association with my own Parent which doesn’t really inspire the kind of feelings I feel when seeing a growing female. Not a fan of a guy acting like a baby, even if he becomes a baby. Other then that the History Nerd in me rose up against Tina talking about her history due to my own ‘History Nazi’ views (Roswell Referance).

    Just my honest opinion. Keep up the good work.

  7. David


    Loved this one. But have some questions?

    Do the baby’s grow up again? Do they get to lead a second life so to speak?

    How does the central Vampire character grow young again?

    Does she grow young as the baby boy grows up and she keeps eating his years away?

    Would live to see more of these characters. growing up a little and having to live with his Momy who is perhaps getting younger at the same time. Romance with Mother? Creepy yes but the storystarted there. He has to behave as he knows she might put him back in his nappy. He groes older and she grows younger, but given the relationship now he has to behave himself at all times. There is so much you could do with this story!

    Any chance of ever seeing a sequel?

    Thought the artwork was excellent by the way as well.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks for the thoughts – a sequel might be fun. One thought was to follow an Age Vampire who was having trouble finding her victim. She keeps getting younger as time goes on…


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