AR Comic Poll Results February 12, 2012

The poll results are in! I’m posting all the raw data plus my analysis. According to Polldaddy there were 263 respondents to the survey. Some comments may have been cut off – it’s a bit confusing as Polldaddy says they allow a maximum of 200 respondents before you have to pay $200 for an upgraded account. However it looks like they counted all the votes.

Download the detailed results for the overall poll (pdf)

html version

The scoring is also a little confusing – if you look at the raw data, the lower the score the more people voted for it. Here are my comments on each question:

What do you care about in an AR comic?

Not surprisingly, people want good art, with a good plot a close second. Method of transformation, likeable characters and originality are also important. Nobody cares about humor?

Favorite AR theme?

From best to least liked: Female AR, Humiliation, Female AP, Male AR, Diapering, Spanking and Mind Control. You can see people are really split on diapering, with more people strongly against it than strongly for it.

What plot do you want?

Results strongly favored new characters and “Something Different.” A mother / daughter age switch seems really popular, and the other ideas with existing characters all polled about the same.

The results here are a mixed bag for me, as I’ve had a few comics with new characters and situations that didn’t sell well at all. So while people might want something different, it doesn’t always mean they are going to like it. And a mother / daughter age switch comic is in the works!

What stories do you want to see in an AR comic?

Interesting list of candidates. I hope the Polldaddy software didn’t cut off the comments after maxing out? I will be looking through these stories carefully. Lots of good ideas!

Download the detailed results for this question (pdf)

html version

Favorite AR artist?

Bojay beat Palcomix handily. No surprises.

How many comics have you bought?

82% of respondents bought at least one, with 62% three or more.

DreamTales comics are…

I was really happy to see a clear majority saying “just right.” Some people assumed that “edgy” meant including sex, but that wasn’t my meaning at all. I was thinking more of a little more pointed humiliation / teasing, like in the Tainted Sins stories.

Download the detailed results for this question (pdf)

html version

I want regression to…

“Baby” had the most votes, but it’s an indication of how diverse the readership is to see that there were a lot of varying answers.

Download the detailed results for this question (pdf)

html version

What else do you want to see?

50% thought it was great as is, which is a surprisingly high number as this is everyone’s chance to voice their opinion. You can see the specific comments in the data.

Download the detailed results for this question (pdf)

html version

What format do you prefer?

I only thought of this after the poll was up for a few days, so many missed the opportunity to vote. Only 17% expressed any desire for a different format from pdf. Among people who actually bought comics, only 10% wanted a different format.

BTW those of you who want to read on the iPad and Kindle can do so very easily. Both will read pdf files, and the comics look particularly nice on the iPad. A black and white comic like The Prize (free) looks great on the basic Kindle. Just email the file to your Amazon account email and it will convert it automatically to the Kindle format.

Any other questions or comments, please let me know. Thanks to everyone who took the poll!

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8 thoughts on “AR Comic Poll Results

  1. Bstgate

    Seeing as my comments did not make it to the first 200, I post a few here:

    = QUESTION 4: What stories do you want to see turned into an AR comic? =
    * South of the Boudoir (ARthur)
    * Yalo

    = Question 9: What else do you want to see? =

    Some themes that I want to see, in order from “most important” to “least important”:

    1. Breasts visibly firming up. Almost unrealistically perky. Preferrably while she’s watching.

    2. AR from early middle age to peak youth. (Not prepubescent!) It might require a very good artist to pull it off, but the non-drastic AR from 35 to 20 is much more interesting than the easily-drawn AR from 60 to 20, because the character has just realized her youth is fading and has not yet accepted the shift in lifestyle and social expectations that come with middle-age; her archetypical transition from maiden to matron. When rejuvenated by only 10-20 years, the character will still be recognizable by her peers.

    3. AR as the result of the character *wanting* to make herself younger. Like making a wish, or seeking out the fountain of youth, or deciphering a magic spellbook.

    4. Showing at length how the character is pleased with the results. (At least initially, before Drama kicks in.) Admiring herself nude in front of the mirror, or feeling herself up, are great ways to go.

    5. Realistically aged protagonist before the AR. The supposedly middle-aged character does *not* look like an extremely well-preserved supermodel. She isn’t “very sexy for her age”, as so may stories like to write. Sure, she was fairly pretty in her youth, but that was mostly attributed to her youth. Almost every girl looks pretty when she’s young. But the years have not been very kind to her. She has put on weight. She sags. She has bags under her eyes and a double chin – not just a few crows’ feet around the eyes.

    6. Wearing off. The character is shocked to find that she starts to revert at the worst possible time, and must repeat the method regularly to stay young. Maybe with additional consequences, like slingshotting into an even older age every time she lets it wear off. (Regardless of how long she had maintained youth before reverting!)

    7. AR combined with Increased Beauty. Face and body becomes much better-looking, prettier, slimmer, curvier, than they originally were when she was young the first time.

    8. Focus on vanity. The character wants to be young to admire her reflection, and wants to be perceived (and courted) as a young woman. She wants to attract young men that would never desire her at her true age.

    9. AR by touching/grabbing something solid. She realized that clutching the magic talisman not only makes pleasure flow through her, it also makes her younger, so she spends a few seconds in front of the mirror holding it every night before going to bed, watching yet a few more wrinkles disappear.

    10. Fat and flab disappearing. Stomach visibly getting flat and toned. Rear becoming tight and perky. Skin tightening.

    11. AR in increments, that the character controls. For example, yesterday she bathed in the fountain of youth for 5 minutes and realizes she looks a little younger. So she comes back the next day and bathes another 5 minutes to become even younger. And the next day, and the day after that. People get to react to her day-by-day improving appearance.

    12. AR combined with super powers. Especially super strength. Character is not overly muscular, but definitely taller and more athletic than normal. She doesn’t necessarily become a costumed superhero, but she likes being powered up and quickly begins to take it for granted. This is extra fun if combined with the “wearing off” plot device above.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks so much for reposting these. I love how you have very specific, visually-oriented ideas – these are great themes that could be incorporated into a comic. I will definitely keep them in mind!

      1. Bstgate

        I thought of a variation of the “wearing off” theme. The process does not wear off regularily, but it will wear off in seconds if certain conditions are met. For example, destroying Dorian Dray’s portrait. The character knows this, fears it, and takes precautions to prevent it. In an old Phantom comic, the wicked Queen Samaris stayed young and hot for 300 years under the condition that she may never fall in love, but when she eventually did… *sag* *wrinkle* *poof*.

  2. Bstgate

    Also, I totally agree with the people wanting darker/tragic stories and more continuity.

    One-shot stories are totally fine, but as the same cast reappears in more and more productions, my tolerance towards one-dimensional character traits decreases.

  3. mmm

    I still wish to point out my opinion about the question
    What else do you want to see?
    1) I always found The story ‘A Week at the Beach’ spicy and can make an exciting comic with a drastic role reversal between a mother and a daughter.

    2) other ideas also such as a relationship between a strict teacher and three sisters who are in high school, elementary school and kinder garden.As the teacher humiliate the elder sister and make her suffer in exams and maybe spank her in front of class the sisters plan to make her taste how the one can be humiliated in front of others and put a chemical potion in her glass of water to make her get allergic but instead she gets younger slowly and during the days she find herself smaller than the bigger sister in high school, dominated by other students, get spanked in locker room and in class be punished and cry then she is sent to teach for elementary school in which she try to take charge of small girls and among them the second sister but by gradual regression she become submissive to them and get poked on and humiliated bullied around in the recess by the second sister and her friends…finally the school sent her to kinder garden to teach but she get lost among small babies…

    3) The third idea is Its about a step father who is firm with his wife and step daughter, hitting his wife and spanking his step daughter grounding her and he got sick and the only treatment has side effect of getting younger and (maybe transgender to a girl) and becomes his step-daughter’s little sister who dominate him and make him payback. and a sequel to it is that his wife wants to discipline him more so she send him (or her as he become a girl) to the middle school with her daughter to be bullied around and there he can be regressed more to be in the elementary school and humiliated more by small girls.

    the ideas of stories could be full of gradual role reversal, humiliation, third party reaction, alot of spanking, domination and submission.
    I hope that you like my ideas!


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