AR Comic Poll February 2, 2012

What do you want to see in upcoming AR comics? Take the AR Comic Survey and let your voice be heard!

Update February 7: The poll has maxed out at over 200 responses (!). I’ll post the results shortly.

Thanks to everyone who took the poll!

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10 thoughts on “AR Comic Poll

  1. Klatuk4u

    I really like AR to infancy. It is made better if there are baggy clothes. Male or female is o.k. I hate when clothing transforms along with the subject. Those are the basics. On a personal note, I love machines that cause the transformation. A good example of this would be the cartoon “Boy Meets Dog”. I have always wanted to see a female character go through that machine. I love the comics. Keep up the good work.

  2. Anthony

    Where the heck do I start? Firstly, [b]A[/b] comic is better than nothing, and I have been fiending for some comic action since last November… Secondly, more “forced” AR; at least for my desires. Folks that choose regression, well they are like me. I want to see some folks forced down to size, Bojay has quite the talent for that (hint hint). Hell, speaking of Bojay, that is all talent right there. (No offence Palcomix!) So my next reccomendation would be more Bojay please!

    True, I have not purchased all of the available works. But the few I have purchased were quite awesome, even if the story lines were not my cup-o-tea. Of course, who the hell gets these comics for the stories? We all know it is the art works that are the awesome, I mean several of the comics are already available in story form (are they not?). This, this brings us to my last request. Why not have a little option next to the stories, around these part. The option, well it would be for selecting the story for consideration to be inked! What better way to find out what we want, then to let us vote for stories to become comics?

    Heck, you could add a forum just for that purpose. A little area where folks could submit stories for review by their peers. The peers could then vote whether or not the story is “comic worthy”. Regardless, it would be a great way to figure out what stories are wanted.

    I am now two cents poorer!

  3. Misha

    Love your stories and your flair for playing them out. Not much new from me, but I would love to see some male AR..even with female thrown in. It would be funny to see Frank and Brad in really long, well staged regressions and having to be baby sat by Marilyn and Suzy. From adults to high school teens to hormone raging early teenagers in puberty to boys, toddlers and babies. It could even be revenge by Marilyn and Brad turning Frank and Suzy into kids. I like those characters, but anything with some good male AR would be great!

    That said, thank you for sharing your stories and creating all the comics!

  4. bstgate

    Having taken the survey, I realize that there is a question about which age I want the regression to end at. But there is no question about which age I want it to *begin* at. 🙁

    (My answer: I want it to begin at middle-age or old! I feel like I’m in a tiny minority though, considering that virtually none of the comics on this site starts out with any protagonists older than 25.)

  5. Euro5+

    Of all your stories, my favorite was “Regressing to the Mean.” What I enjoyed most about that story was the plot’s slow, gradual rise to the spanking climax. There were several scenes of the two estranged sisters interacting with a third character. Because of their enhanced or reduced size, this third character responds differently to each of them (typically in a manner which articulates their new social status). Some acted dismissive of the diminished sis and accepting of the enlarged one, for example.

    In my own opinion, this touches on one of the cornerstones of the Age Regression fantasy: the relationship between social status, respect, and age. By separating the main conflict (the rivalry of the sisters), and demonstrating the larger ramifications of the age change, I think you achieved your most enriched and best narrative,

    Personally, I’ve tried to think up more of these scenarios and have to admit my imagination was quickly exhausted, so I credit you having done a good job with a tough task.

    Thank you, I hope this is helpful because I would love to see more.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment! I’m really glad you like “Regressing” – it’s my favorite plot, too and for exactly the reason you describe. I tried to recreate a version of this in “Beach Blanket Beauties” as well. Your characterization of the important AR themes of “social status, respect, and age” is excellent.

      I’ll copy your comment to the “Regressing” page, if you don’t mind. And I’ll definitely try to do more along this line!

  6. Dean

    As you have heard me (repeatedly) mention, I prefer sequels to some of the ‘unfinished’ comics. Mainly out of a sense of justice (such as what I’d like to see happen to Mandy after what she did to Suzy and Marilyn in ‘Beach Blanket Beauties’), but also to extend the sense of enjoyment that I had in reading the initial comics, plus there was no sense of closure in that particular comic and there needs to be one IMHO..

    Betsy and Lauren are great characters so more stories about them would be great. ‘Regressing to the Mean’ is my personal favorite. As these stories have a sense of closure at the end, I can’t see any need for sequels there.

  7. soz

    Any plans to publish a physical book? many are reluctant ot enter web transactions for several reasons.Why no bullying elder brother/long suffering younger sister age switch fantasies turned into comics?

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I could do a collected version, but the whole idea of printing, holding the inventory, mailing it out, etc. seems pretty daunting and expensive.

      I wonder if there are any others who would prefer a hard copy?


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