Beach Blanket Beauties Part Two December 10, 2012

Mandy grows to a sexy woman in Beach Blanket Beauties Two.

Mandy grows to a sexy woman in Beach Blanket Beauties Two.

28 pages, Color, US$8.99
Age Regression, Age Progression,
Artwork by PalComix

The long awaited sequel to Beach Blanket Beauties! When we last left Suzy and Marilyn, that nasty brat Mandy used a Youth Ray to reduced Suzy and Marilyn to innocent kids. Meanwhile Mandy used the same ray to grow herself into the sexiest babe on the beach.

Plot Summary: Little Suzy and Marilyn, shrunk to children, are under Mandy’s thumb. A desperate attempt to escape goes wrong. And then things start changing… and changing! Can Suzy and Marilyn escape the clutches of that nasty freckle-faced brat? And what punishment does Mandy deserve for being so mean?

Note: The first 5 pages recap the action from Beach Blanket Beauties. It includes new artwork of the age transformation scenes so you get to see them shrink and grow all over again.

You can buy the original comic here: Beach Blanket Beauties

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14 thoughts on “Beach Blanket Beauties Part Two

  1. Steven

    Nice, you never disappoint.

    You know what might be a interesting comic, Suzy and Marilyn keep making each other younger and younger and Frank ends up babysittig two toddlers until it wears off.

  2. Dean

    JV is right: Mailyn can plot some revenge on Suzy for leaving her little… though it’ll probably soon wear off Marilyn the same way it did for Suzy…

  3. v00d00

    Oh wow!This was a great sequal, well worth the wait! I LOVED page 27, and 28, those alone we worth the cost!


    Loved the SW ending, (You need to add that as a tag beside AR/AP), especially loved the little spanking scene, that was one of the best scenes ever!

    More like this please, AR/AP with SW, and definitely some more SW spanking!

    1. Remylocke

      Great comic. Was on the threshold of ultimate humiliation/teasing leaving me wanting more. ENDING needs to continue!!!!!

  4. Brian

    Excellent! I love how you did a short re-cap from this first one. I really thought a re-cap would be a waste of pages, but man was I wrong. Another awesome AP/AR comic, not surprising from this place, though I am bigger fan towards GTS/SW. Still enjoyed this comic very well. Progress once again was done nice.

    I really loved how Suzy outgrew her young girl swim suit, the detail was great as always. Also a huge thank you, for when that little brat Mandy got shrunken down to below doll size, that was rich 🙂 Although I did love the ending, I was hoping to see Marilyn get accidently grown into a giantess or something along those lines, please consinder a part 3 with some GTS, it could take this whole plot a big step further. Anyways A+ material as always.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Nope, there isn’t any male AR or shrinking in this comic. I do have several new comics comic up with male shrinking, though.


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