Booby Battle November 8, 2012

Humonga teases our plucky scientist in Booby Battle.

Humonga teases our plucky scientist in Booby Battle.

82 pages, Back & White, US$9.99
Giantess, Shrinking Women, Breast Expansion
Artwork by Cluedog

A fun Breast Enlargement, Giantess and Shrinking Women comic by Cluedog! This comic features 82 pages of non-stop transformation sequences, from gigantic to teeny-tiny, flat to stacked and lots more.

Story Summary: A cute but flat-chested scientist becomes jealous of 50-story tall Humonga’s giant rack. But even after a few experiments give her what she wants, Humonga is still teasing her. Our plucky heroine uses a shrink ray and some special transformation formulas to teach the colossal chick a big lesson. Humonga shrinks from skyscraper height to doll size!

“Booby Battle” has 82 black and white pages, including 28 multi-panel pages and 54 single-panel pages. No dialogue, the great art speaks for itself.

Sample illustrations

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US$ 9.99

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21 thoughts on “Booby Battle

  1. v00d00

    Wow, this comic is great! Very sexy, love the breast enlargement, and especially the shrinking of Humonga, the role reversal is super hot! It would have been nice to have seen a little more interaction between our little scientist and Humonga, maybe once the tables have turned, the scientist could have introducted the reduced Humonga to her own enlarged breasts, or played with her a little more!

    The comic is well drawn, and flows nicely, although some speech/caption bubbles would have and added to the interaction been our little scientist, and Humonga!

    Overall, well worth the money!

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, really appreciate the review. It has to be said that a lot of the story was Cluedog’s input – he added so many great details that totally made the comic. Agree it would have been fun to have more interaction later, but it might have interrupted the narrative flow.

      1. v00d00

        Would be cool to see a sequal in the future! Maybe that could have some more interaction! I’d like to see Humonga go home with the scientist (would be nice to give her a name too), and introduced to her enlarged breasts, would like to see her holding on to/hanging from/riding the huge nipple! Maybe the scientist could do some more ‘experiments’ on her!

  2. ??

    dreamtales i wanted to ask
    is age regression (AR) and progression (AP), bust (BE) and size change (GTS)(SW)(SM)
    are only things your into (drawing or liking)?
    What do you think about things like gender bending and female muscle growth?

    i remember you did gender bending in super hero party

    1. dreamtales Post author

      I’d definitely like to do a female muscle growth comic (I have a plot outlined for it). I loved Bojay’s take on it in his Bojay Giantess Cartoons. I think gender switch is fun but not my main interest – more of a punch line than the main plot.

      Also mind control – don’t forget that!

  3. ??

    i see
    although i had an idea of gender bender comics were newly wed couple can’t have children so they used special medicine that made them fertile, but it changed their genders. it would been interesting to see how you would made their change adaptation (you are very good at showing how person adapts to his/her change). ah well
    i can’t wait to see your female muscle growth comic!!!

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  5. anonim

    hello dreamtales i am AR fan
    and long time ago i stumbled on a palcomix AR comics 4 pages
    it was something like this
    one girl has age changing watch she calls it Spooky it has a skeleton or ghost on it
    and other girl breaks it and turns into baby
    this happens in two pages
    in other two pages girl with the watch orders it to shrink her into baby so that an other girl could give her a bath
    do you know name of this comic and were can it be found or bought?

          1. ??

            yes that’s the one
            in the beginning i thought those images were preview of a comics so i started this question
            sorry if i broke any rule

  6. Remylocke

    No words needed, the action pages speak for themselves. Silence is golden!! OH wow! The artwork was very good and I loved the role reversal! I give this one an 8/10!!

  7. soren

    hi really love love the story will you please also make a story about 2 lab girl where one of the girls shrinks he other and forces her to drink breast expansion serum and makes her really big and then gives her some more shrink serum and more breast expansion serum that would be so hot 🙂 would love you to make a comic like that best regards soren

  8. Químico general

    this comic has a lot of potential, and a second part would be good, with the revenge of homonga, Postscript this artist who created this series is quite good, I love his work


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