High School Confidential August 7, 2012

A shrunken Betsy tries to get away from mean Mandy in High School Confidential by DreamTales.

A shrunken Betsy tries to get away from mean Mandy.

49 pages, Color, US$12.00
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by Palcomix

Betsy and Lauren return in another twist on the classic age regression / age progression sister rivalry, as the girls battle it out in high school.

Story Summary: Sexy Betsy is one of the most popular girls in High School, while poor Lauren is the smallest girl in her freshman class. A growth potion turns Lauren into a head-turning babe, while Betsy shrinks to a child and finds herself at the mercy of mean Mandy, the freshman bully. Can Betsy survive her fall from the top of the pecking order to the bottom? And how will Lauren act when the tables are turned?

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US$ 12.00

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17 thoughts on “High School Confidential

  1. ForeShadow

    I agree with Remylocke; I felt this comic lacked the antagonism and the feeling of cumupance that previous comics have had. It was no GIRLS GONE CHILD, that’s for sure. This was a really tame comic…there was little resistance from Betsy, and little antagonism from Lauren. I hope the next one will see a return to greatness.

  2. dreamtales Post author

    Hmmm… Remy, I thought there was plenty of humiliation – poor Betsy was pretty much put through the wringer. Maybe you meant more humiliation when she was just starting to get younger?

    And ForeShadow I get what you mean about comeuppance. it’s really hard to establish, and I think there was a lot of payback here. Hard to get it really perfect, though.

    Anyway, if you have ideas / suggestions, feel free to post here or send them by email. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

    1. Remylocke

      I love this comic, and I have purchased nearly every single one because I enjoy the style.

      What I would LOVE to see is something like this story, only no age regression, just straight on slow shrink. I love the teasing and humiliation aspect of it all.

      These are by far my favorite comics!

      Frank and Suzy and (Marilyn), Betsy and Lauren……amazing!

      Could we see one where Frank is in college and shrinks going to sorority parties and keeps getting smaller and smaller? 😛

  3. TM

    High School Confidential was a delight and rises to the top quadrant of Dreamtales’s collection! Thank you for this story.

    I felt Dreamtales introduced a new plot device in the final arc of the story, demonstrating welcome narrative growth to an already successful style, while still working in many of the familiar story dynamics that cut mustard. The overall main character conflict remained more or less intact, but after the addition of some new characters (the bullies / friends), I was excited to find how the story had more room to maneuver in fresh ways. While I am very pleased by this product, equally thrilling is the promise of Dreamtales’s continued exploration of new situational combinations to produce successful, yet different, work.

  4. v00d00

    I liked this comic. Palcomix artwork is excellent as usual, and the story is great!

    Although I was hopefull there may have been some shrinking as well, in the scene where Betsy ARs in front of the bullies, and one of them says ‘looks like we have a shrinker!’ would have been an interesting twist, sadly not to be!

    Also, I think you missed a trick towards the end when Lauren was playing mommy! Would have been cool to maybe see her breast feed Betsy, and maybe she still had some growth hormone in her system, which would transfered into the breast milk, and caused Betsy to revert to her normal self, while still being breast fed by her younger sister!

  5. v00d00

    Would also like to see a SW Lauren & Betsy comic! Maybe also involving the hot mom!

    Maybe the mom is a scientist, and invents a shrink ray, which Lauren & Betsy get hold of, and use on each other. Then when they are both too small to re-grow themselves, they have to go in search of their mom for help, who is maybe asleep, and they have to climb over/explore her body!

  6. dreamtales Post author

    Those are fun ideas, and I do like the idea of a SW Betsy and Lauren comic. I’ll mess around with it and see what comes up.

  7. Porter Meggar

    Thanks for all you do to bring AR stories to the community! This was a good story, but I was really hoping for regression to diapers and babyhood… I try to be supportive of your efforts but when your characters stop short of returning to infancy and diapers it’s a disappointment for me. Additionally, I think it adds to the humiliation when the regressed person gets teased about needing diapers. Could you include a few more specifics in your story descriptions in the future? Like how young the subjects become when they are regressed?
    Thanks again for all you do.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Hi Porter, and thanks so much for the kind words and support. I’ll definitely try to include more specifics in story descriptions. Usually if there is regression to infancy I’ll mention it because I know some are looking for that. Sorry to disappoint, but especially in AR you can’t please everyone – I’ll try to do more in the future.

  8. v00d00

    Personally, I’d rather not see regression as far as infant/babyhood or diapers! It’s just a bit too weird for me, and there are already stories with this, like ‘cry baby marily’, and ‘witch baby is which!’ both have what Porter is looking for!

  9. Dean

    Seeing how much of a brat Mandy is in this comic really reinforces my desire to see a “Beach Blanket Beauties” sequel. That bitch needs NOT to have the last word…

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Well, I just sent out the script to Palcomix for the sequel to Beach Blanket Beauties. So you will definitely be seeing Mandy again!

      BTW it usually takes 6-8 months to finish a comic, so please be patient!

  10. mmm

    I would love to see a sequel to this one! and this time the main character can be A mean teacher who humiliate high school class girls and then due to chemical reaction in the lab she regressed in age to be younger than the girls in the class and table turns ! role reversal here will make the story spicy with the teacher being humiliated by girls and has lack of knowledge and even get spanked! by one of them.
    Then the regressed teacher is enrolled as a student but cant fit to middle class and get bossed by mean girls who make fun of her (they know already that she was a high school teacher which make it more good) and push her around and she continue to regress and loss her knowledge till she ends up in kinder garden bossed around and spanked by small brats who she used to baby sat earlier. It would be very exciting if the regression process is slow showing the differences in tall and profiles. Also, using a lot of teasing words in conversations beside role reversal and replacing fear with confidence is important. I would love to see something like that if it possible ofcourse.


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