Bojay’s Muscle Growth Comics November 24, 2013

Bojay is a master at making women look strong and sexy in Bojay's Muscle Growth Comics.

Bojay is a master at making women look strong and sexy.

40 pages, Black & White
US$ 7.99
Female Muscle Growth, Giantess
Artwork by Bojay

A great collection of Female Muscle Growth stories and pinups by Bojay! The comic features several short stories plus lots of great pinup pages.

Plot Summary: Three short stories feature Muscle Transfers as hunky guys lose their hard-earned muscles to the ladies: In Mr Byron, a male chauvinist boss gets payback as he tries to harass a female employee. The other two stories feature magical ways to transfer muscles as the little ladies grow tall and muscular.

“Bojay’s Muscle Growth” has 40 single panel pages in black and white.

Sample illustrations

US$ 7.99

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7 thoughts on “Bojay’s Muscle Growth Comics

  1. urza

    Some great work there by Bojay! Good facial expressions! Hoping that FMG becomes at least somewhat of a regular thing at this site someday.

    1. SM

      Bojay’s facial expressions and drawing style is superb, he is indeed very good in drawing big giant formidable women. When his women grow, so do the hands, feet, and various body proportions in general. Many ways to sell this is with the legs. Have you folks ever seen a woman that is 6’5, and not skinny, but yet not fat? Then you know what I am talking about. Bojay is damn good at his Art.

      Although, I have some criticism, the level of FMG storytelling in the comic short stories is sadly limited to only women draining the muscularity from men in some mysterious way. The three stories are told this way. No other FMG themes are featured in the longer comic stories.

      I am really hoping that this comic catches on so more different stories can be told. My favorite types of FMG stories are those of slow growth, hard work, lots of training and eating and sleeping, a large passage of time possibly. There are other stories that include Magic, science experiment, wish, or ingesting supplements of some type of food. I am really surprised that with all the Age Progression comics in this website that it was not considered to include with FMG, or at least a couple of one-shot pin ups at the least. It would have been cool to have a daughter outgrowing father story, or even mother or other formidably taller relative or friend. I always enjoyed that Milk commercial comic that was drawn several years ago with the two sisters, great storytelling. Would have loved the FMG element in this type of story.

      Regardless, I still appreciate that as a publisher you took a chance in publishing such a comic that entails such as a concept as the empowered muscled amazon woman. There are wonderful giant muscle women pics throughout to satisfy in this comic. Fantastic Art. Thank you. Hope more of these female muscle women comics are made.

      1. dreamtales Post author

        Thanks, really appreciate the detailed feedback.I hope this does well so I can do some more FMG comics!

        Bojay really is an amazingly versatile artist. If we do another version I’ll take into account your suggestions.

  2. darknail

    i am not really into this with all the disconnected images and short stories, the art is great, but i prefer a full story to this type of thing.


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