College Bound February 22, 2013

Sexy Shrinking Women in College-Bound by Rebecca24 pages, Black & White, US$6.99
Shrinking Women
Artwork by Rebecca

“There is shrinking, spanking, age play, diapering and lots of other hot action. All of it is so beautiful and no one illustrates women like Rebecca.”

A really fun Shrinking Women comic by Rebecca! This comic features some gorgeous black and white line art and an all-women cast. Giantess fans should like this too, as it features lots of tiny women with normal-sized (giant) ladies.

Story Summary: Monica hosts a group of hot suburban housewives for a meeting of the local BDSM Club. A shrinking ray gives new meaning to the words dominance and submission. Just as the tiny ladies are reaching their climax, Monica’s college-age daughter returns.

“College Bound” has 24 single and multi-panel pages of beautiful artwork by Rebecca.

Sample illustrations

US$ 6.99

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The comic is also for sale at the Process Productions Store.

This comic is part of the Rebecca SW Pack.

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11 thoughts on “College Bound

  1. v00d00

    Oh my god! I thought the last 2 comics were hot, but this is just…wow, so hot! I love the idea, amazing! The idea of an all women BDSM club, throw in a shrink ray, and let the fun begin! I love that the women enjoy the shrinking, and all are having fun! Then add the daughter, and it’s just mind blowing!

    As for the artwork, amazing! I think my fav scene is in the crib, the level of detail is fantastic! So hot!

    I really, really hope you’ll continue this as a series, with Monica at Brittany’s college, there is bound to be more fun to be had, with other sexy college girls, that would be amazing, 3 normal sized girls sharing a shrunken mom! And you have to show what happened to the other members of the BDSM club! Did they return to normal, or did Brittany play with them or givem to to their daughters? What became of Master (the BDSM club leader)? So many questions…

  2. annoymous

    this comicis amazng !!

    would you do one where the mom finds her kids shrink and exsplore the moms body and the mom exsplores theres.

  3. ax

    amazing comic

    could you do a comic where the mom finds the kids shrunk and they exsplore her body when hes sleeping and then she finds them andthe shrink ray and has some fun off her own shrinking and gorwning herself too exsplore there bodys

  4. Alec Leamus

    Wow! This comic blew me away. I loved it. I have always enjoyed Rebecca’s art and she has always given some very firm nods in the direction of certain fetishes. But to see so much in one comic! There is shrinking, spanking, age play, diapering and lots of other hot action. All of it is so beautiful and no one illustrates women like Rebecca. Thank you Dreamtales for putting this package together. I look forward to more. I think this is one of the best comics you have produced. BUY this comic!


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