Puberty Fairies Part Two August 27, 2013

Lauren's volleyball team gets reduced to kids in the Puberty Fairies58 pages, Color and B&W, US$11.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by PalComix and Bojay

More age regression and age progression fun as the silly fairies throw spell after spell. Lots of great growing and shrinking sequences!

In Part Two:
Betsy gets a dose of growth magic;
The volleyball team finds their bikinis on the big side;
Mom gets zapped – and zapped again;
Random regressions as the fairies fight;
And lots of AR and AP sketches by Bojay!

Sample illustrations

“Puberty Fairies Two” has 58 pages, including 36 multi-panel color pages by Palcomix, plus another 22 pages of black and white drawings and concept pieces by Bojay.

Note: This is the second of two parts. You can find Part One here.

US$ 11.99

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This comic is part of the Puberty Fairy Age Regression Pack.

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16 thoughts on “Puberty Fairies Part Two

  1. v00d00

    Another amazing chapter! Really loved this, the quick size changes, and even a little SW towards the end with the fairies (not to give to much away!)
    Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    1. dreamtales Post author

      This is the last part of this comic, but I am working on a sequel of sorts that features the Puberty Fairies and one of the characters from Part Two.

      Glad you liked it!

      1. v00d00

        Hmm, since the website crash my last comment seems to have gone!

        Sad to see this is only a 2 parter! I’d hoped to see more of mother nature, some more size/age swapping, and maybe some size/age change between the fairies & mother nature!

  2. Steven

    I loved it. Lots of AR/AP chaos. I also loved the older couple getting hit with the AR magic. I did notice one thing, the mothers glasses appeared and disappeared when she was younger than Betsy. The mother ended up a 3 or 4 year old at the end?

    I know there is not many out there that like un-birth AR, but I would have thought it would be poetic that the daughter ended up being the mother, but that is just me.

    Have you thought about another comic where the mother and daughter switch roles. I would love to see another comic where the AR goes too far and ends up in the womb, going back to the beginning as it were.

      1. dreamtales Post author

        Thanks for the thoughts. I guess you already know about the unbirth scene in “Crybaby Marilyn”? I have an idea for another take on it, I’ll see if I can work it into something…

  3. larqven

    Pretty nice continuation, although I don’t know if it was quite as fun as the first. My biggest complaint would probably be that Lauren no longer looked like the giantess that she had become in the first part. Older, taller, and more developed than she should be, but not a giant next to her poor shrunken sister and mom!

    It was fun seeing Betsy finally magically growing up and enjoying it–and then having it all taken away! It just would have been unnatural for Betsy to get ahead for long! LoL

    It was also cool to see the mom get caught up in the hi-jinks for once!

    Loved the ARed volley ball girls as well, Dewey and Daffy just couldn’t remember which girls to AR! The two Sandcastle girls growing up and “getting away with it”!

    Liked How Dewey and Daffy played dolls at the end!

    The giantess thing did make me wonder about new directions for Betsy and Lauren? Like non-direct AR shrinking, athletic changes, and such. Lauren becoming the teen queen star athlete or even embarrassingly huge and muscled? Betsy transformed into a skinny and weak geek girl?

    Anyway, great job with the fairy story and beach angle overall. Makes me remember the old age swap and TF stories of ten years or so ago that seem classic now. Betsy and Lauren, gotta love ’em!

  4. Dray

    Good comic, i check like everyday hoping for more like this, I like when it involves more than one or two characters. Keep up the awesome work.

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