The Puberty Fairies Part One July 1, 2013

The Puberty Fairies make little girls big and big girls little.45 pages, Color, US$11.99
Age Regression, Age Progression
Artwork by PalComix

Dewey and Daffy are two magical fairies who make little girls big and big girls little. They’re trying to do the right thing, but keep dropping their fairy dust on the wrong people. A fun Betsy and Lauren age progression and age regression comic with great art by Palcomix.

Plot Summary: Dewey and Daffy, two magical Puberty Fairies, are summoned by Mother Nature to help Betsy and Lauren grow. But the silly fairies make a mess of things, causing havoc among the beach goers. Great art by Palcomix features lots of detailed Age Regression and Age Progression sequences, as AR and AP spells fly.

Sample illustrations

Note: This is the first of two parts.

US$ 11.99

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This comic is part of the Puberty Fairy Age Regression Pack.

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32 thoughts on “The Puberty Fairies Part One

  1. darknail

    i am slightly disappointed about this one, i had hoped the AR/AP had been slower/more subtle than it was, but otherwise a good comic.

  2. Steven

    Great comic. Im wondering if the mom and Betsy start acting as sisters and Lauren starts acting like their mother. Can not wait until next part.

  3. Dragonstorm545

    Great work, I like the idea of affecting other people beside Lauren, Betsy and their mom. Though I wish the changes were a bit slower

  4. jtz

    Is there sexuality/teasing in this one, or is it mainly people being surprised by getting bigger and smaller, etc.?

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Not sure what you mean by sexuality / teasing – some characters do get teased, and they grow older and sexier. There’s no sex and no nudity. I guess you could say the characters are mostly getting surprised by their transformations.

      1. jtz

        Thank you. I didn’t mean having sex, but sexually suggestive or oriented teasing – like body part comparisons, humiliating height comparisons, breasts at face level – stuff like that. There’s a little of it at the end of Yard Work part 2, which is awesome.

        1. dreamtales Post author

          There is some teasing in the comic, and lots of body comparisons. There’s also a scene between a mini-GTS and a group of guys that comes close to the Yard Work 2 scene you described. Hope that helps?

  5. v00d00

    This is a great comic, really enjoyed it! Really liked the mom AR scenes as well, she’s hot anyway and watching her shrink smaller than Lauren is great! Will there be any shower scenes involving Lauren and her mom in the next chapter? Like in yard work 2, or one of the previous Lauren/Betsy comics? Would be great to see a tiny mom showering and being humiliated beside a giant sexy Lauren!

  6. Ian

    One of the better of this series. Lots of age swapping, goofy fun. I just hope it all gets pushed more, and not too much “make Lauren a giantess” stuff. Age regression is why I bought the comic. 🙂

  7. ??

    how about this
    fairies turn tables on mother nature and AR her (into infant) while AP them self into new mothers of nature.
    as fore people on the beach boys are AR-ed into toddlers and babies and are babysat and nursed by AP-ed girl. as for lauren betsy and their mom lauren unbirthes betsy while their mom is turned into toddler or baby (new family is formed)
    what do you think please answer?

  8. Steven

    Curious, is the mother going to go through the same mental regression as Betsy? Are we going to see what her name is or is she going to kept being called mom?

  9. Brian

    All I can say is, I can’t wait for Part 2! Also I loved all the screwing up in this one, I hope there will be giantess growth in the next part and more screw ups from the fairies XD Another great comic and a must buy, just like Yard Work, Giantess Therapy, and The Big Splash.

    By the way, any chance in the future a sequel to The Big Splash?

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