The Roppongi Twins January 7, 2013

A subway rider becomes a giantess in the Roppongi Twins.

A subway rider becomes a giantess in the Roppongi Twins.

49 pages, Color, US$11.99
Giantess, Shrinking Women, Shrinking Men
Artwork by PalComix

“At 50+ pages it’s one of DreamTales’ most generous efforts, and a great intro to his library of shrinking/growth comics.” 
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Super Suzy and Mad Marilyn fight a fantastic new foe – The Roppongi Twins! The Twins magically make fantasies come true, creating a crazy city of giantesses and shrinking women!

Plot Summary: What if your most private fantasy came true? It might be great for you – but a nightmare for everyone else! When two strange Japanese girls appear in the subway, Frank discovers that his erotic fantasies are coming to life. Super Suzy flies to the rescue, only to find that she too is affected by the Twin’s strange powers. Can Suzy and Marilyn fight back against the size-changing Twins? And can the city survive a plague of giantesses?

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US$ 11.99

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12 thoughts on “The Roppongi Twins

  1. v00d00

    OMG! This is one hot sexy comics! It has everything, SW, SM, GTS, a little vore. Loved every scene, especially the SW girls scene, they were incredibly cute! I only wish there were a little more F/f SW interaction, maybe if one of the female passengers or the GTS had picked the girls up, would have wonderful!

    As for the story/artwork, wonderful as always, loved the story, and the artwork was exception as always! Really hope this series continues!

    1. v00d00

      Its more expensive than others yes, but its also more pages – 49 pages, with shrinking girl, shrinking men, giantess, mini-giantess and giantess-lesbians! Well worth it, especially for a PalComix comic!

  2. Remylocke

    A wonderful comic, but so much going on it made my head spin! One of my favorites for sure, as the artwork was AMAZING as well as the plot line.

  3. ??

    how about putting a voting pol on this site like “what would you like next” and put on a vote short summaries(it contents) of projects you guys do and the project that got most votes will be the one you’ll be working on to put on a sale next. of course there can be exceptions when you want put on sale something that you want.
    this way we can at least have little hint as what will be next which will draw more interest to it.
    i don’t wanna be mean but it some times bugs me when i wait for AR comics and next work is GTS even though i like GTS as well.
    if there are reasons as to why you aren’t doing this i am sorry if i offended you

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  5. kong

    the best part was where all females grows bigger , if they stay on that size , we have a lovely mini giantess world at the end 😉

  6. gtsfan07

    I think I lost my copy somewhere in the computer, is it possible to get it back or to re-mail it to me? I even haven’t found it in my gmail account.


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