Upcoming Comics April 16, 2013

I’ve got two big projects under way that hopefully will be ready to start posting soon. Each one is a long comic that will be released in multiple parts.

The Puberty Fairies is a Betsy and Lauren story with art by Palcomix. The story features Dewey and Daffy, two magical fairies who make little girls big (and big girls little). They’re trying to do the right thing, but keep dropping their fairy dust on the wrong people.

Yard Work follows Luke, a hunky college-age guy, who is pestered by his annoying little sister Amy. A lawn treatment causes them to shrink and grow – slowly. While poor Luke keeps shrinking, Amy grows and grows, from a bratty kid to a sexy knockout – who teases Luke every step of the way. Meanwhile Luke’s Mom and Nicole, the Girl Next Door, keep getting taller and sexier. If you liked my story “A Little Game of Hide and Seek” you should enjoy this one. The art is by the same great Sedna Studio artist that did The Big House.

Both of these are LONG comics, with Puberty fairies over 80 pages and Yard Work going over 150 pages (!). I’m considering selling them both on a subscription basis, where you can subscribe up front to the whole series at a slightly discounted price (you can still buy each issue as they come out).

These are very expensive comics to produce, so buying subscriptions would help a lot.

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32 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. v00d00

    Really really looking forward to both of these! Sound hot! Any ideas when they’ll be released, even a rough estimate, this week/month etc?

  2. Ben

    I can not wait for “Yard work” Sounds great. I am much more into SW, but I will buy this for sure. I’m with v00d00, I need to know when this is coming out.

  3. v00d00


    If Yard Work is going to be long/subscription based, what would be cool, is maybe a twist at the end/in the next chapter, where Luke’s Mom and/or Nicole end up shrinking, and end up being teased/under Amy’s control!

    What could be hotter, former tall sexy girl next door/hot MILF, now shrunk being toyed with by former bratty, now sexy knockout girl!

    Just an idea!

  4. Hunter S. Creek

    Thank you for the update, Dreamtales.

    Both story ideas sound great: especially the portions of each where the little girls become big.
    I am not anywhere near as keen about AR, SW, and SM as I am about female AP and female growth.
    Here is hoping that Amy and the other little girls not only become tall, but also exceptionally busty, knockout babes.

  5. jv

    i’m not keen on subscription cause I would want everybody to be able to get them if they wanted and also cause both stories sound really great.

  6. jv

    I also wanted to ask dreamtales,is there going to be another sequel to beach blanket beauties? and to eenie meanie marylin?

    1. dreamtales Post author

      I was hoping to get it completely done, but it looks like it might have to wait a few weeks. If it isn’t ready by next week I will try to get Yard Work Two up instead.

      1. v00d00

        Will there be shrinking as well as AR? Would love to see some shrinking to fairy size mixed in! Would love to see Betsy get a little AR and maybe shrunk while Lauren gets some AP, then the fairies try to help, restoring Betsy’s age, but not size! An adult Betsy ends up being played with by an adult Lauren!

        1. Dragonstorm545

          I doubt it but “Beach Beauties 2” had AR and shrinking so there is a chance. Still I think it’s mainly AR/AP

          1. v00d00

            Yes, Beach Beauties 2 ending was cool, shrinking with AR! Young Marilyn spanking tiny Mandy was cool!

          2. dreamtales Post author

            It is mostly AR / AP, but there is some size stuff thrown in as well. There isn’t shrinking, but of course you have tiny fairies – and the growth goes a bit too far…

  7. adobeman10

    When Puberty Faries comes out-can we buy the huge 80 page packet? And pay a higher premium price? I have no problem with paying more or extra for early releases or ashcan editions with artwork. I will always buy the ar/shrink stuff, and especially the switch stuff. Always glad to support ALL your releases, glad to see you keep publishing everything.

  8. v00d00

    Will you be updating the ‘upcoming comics’ section with future comics? Obviously you have Yard Work and Puberty Fairies on the go, but what after? Anything else being released between then? Any more Suzy & Frank (or Marilyn), or anything else from Rebecca (I’m very much hoping for a sequel to college bound)?

    1. dreamtales Post author

      I’ll try to post something. Yes, it’s more Puberty Fairies and Yard Work for a while. And I actually am working on something new from Rebecca that should have some appeal!


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