Upcoming Comics November 11, 2013

Here’s the latest scoop:

Yard Work: There’s definitely more Yard Work coming, but Yard Work Six is still in draft stage. I’m hoping to get it ready within a month from now, but it may take a bit longer. Each of these comics takes several months to produce, not including writing the script, so it’s hard to rush things.

Also, there will definitely be a Yard Work Part Seven, with more Mom!

Bojay’s Muscle Growth I’ve been working with Bojay on a couple different comics, and next up is a collection of his wonderful Female Muscle Growth pics. He really is a master at drawing women that are powerful, strong and beautiful. The comic features several short stories plus lots of great pinup pages.

Upcoming Age Regression Comics There’s a new Palcomix age swap comic underway, featuring new characters. It should be ready early next year, depending on their schedule and when Yard Work gets finished.

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35 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. Frenchy Ars

    In the futur age regression comic do you put some role reversal, like in;
    A Week at the Beach?
    Or do you have an interest in a comic base on A Week at the Beach story?
    For my part, I like role revarsal story.

    Thanks for your work.

      1. v00d00

        Personally, I’d like to see a continuation from the first, with tiny Megan & giantess Kristen. More interaction between the 2 sisters, hand helds, maybe some body exploration, hanging from nipples/wedged between boobs, Megan in the doll’s house!
        How about Megan climbing/explorering Kristen’s, or their hot mom’s body a night, maybe unaware? How about some of either Megan or Kristen’s friends come over to visit, and end up playing with tiny Megan, then being played with by Kristen?

        For A Visit to Aunt Millie’s, I remember it being quite a long story, so you could do a multi-part comic, like Yard Work!

      2. corey

        well first off I’d like to see the other two sisters get home and see how their mom reacts to their new sizes and then Kristen going for a walk into the forest back to the lake and drinking the water making her grow even bigger and Megan after getting blown away at the end of the first one ends up in that same lake growing to how big Kristen was before growing ya know like a little sister and a really big sister

        1. corey

          also maybe Kristen and Megan’s mom drinking some water from the lake getting 5 feet taller way bigger boobs and butt and I read that the lake made both girls 30 feet could you make both of them grow to 40 or 50 feet tall aside from that great work with yard work in part 6 could you make both Amy and mom grow bigger also in part 5 I noticed the doctors report said combing both weed Shrink and super grow could cause unknown affects maybe you could use that to introduce some fmg element sorry if I’m being pushy

          1. corey

            another idea for big splash 2 is Kristen taking a walk around the town I like how small the buildings were compared to her then meeting up with her friend and they take a stroll to the forest and get thirsty so they drink from the lake and grow even bigger

      3. m

        Mom is very hot and she is the best part of yard work 😉
        in Big Splash if mom grows bigger too , it would be very amazing !
        and water effect on growth of females and make all of them bigger while male are in normal size .

  2. v00d00

    Looking forward to the age swap comic too! Will it be female/female, female/male? What roles, sisters/siblings, bf/gf, mother/daughter?

  3. Justin

    I would love a Sequel to big splash. We’re the two girls continue to grow and age into mega size sexy middle age/ MILFs.

  4. SM

    I am looking forward to the FMG Bojay comics. What kind of scenarios are we going to see? A tiny girlfriend getting bigger than boyfriend? Or perhaps a sister getting bigger over brother, maybe father, that kind of thing? Is it growth spurt, potion, magic, or just plain hard work(my favorite) or just a huge passage of time? That would be awesome too. When is the FMG stuff going to happen. I am sorry but I am getting burned out from yard work. I am in the minority, but the mom is boring, and this series just keeps going it is going to get me broke. I have purchased 4 already, and I may have to cap it. But I be willing to come back depending. So how about that FMG, when can we expect it, and any info on this?

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Some of the stories involve muscle transfers, where a little woman steals the muscles from a big strong guy. There are also a bunch of muscle girl pinups, and one or two page scenarios. I’m hoping to have it posted in the next week or so.

  5. Greg Hunsicker

    I’m really hoping Yard Work 6 is going to be the fabled AR/AP spin off that you talked about in the process of possibly doing. Really looking forward to that because the last couple just weren’t my cup of tea.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Sorry, the next two Yard Work chapters (6 and 7) are the conclusion of the current plot, and so will not be the AR comic I mentioned. The AR/AP spinoff will be a “reboot” of the plot, pretty much starting over from day one.

      Assuming there’s enough interest, I hope to start on the AR version once this current series is complete.

  6. corey

    personally it seems like the growing should be restricted to Kristen her friend and possibly mom all females is kind of going overboard

  7. Sm7in

    Dude, Yard Work has been awesome but the family has been a little bit of a tease in the last episode! It was being built up for some kind of sister to brother humiliation and possible oblivious mother/son boundaries being stepped over by the hot mom. Will there be any ‘sexier’ interaction between our hero and his family (similar to being trapped in his sisters bikini) planned for the next two? Also, an AR version of this story is definitely welcomed I would say from anyone who has frequented this site.

    As for AR of any story, role-reversal between older brother and younger sister, father and daughter would be amazing, or a son and mother getting younger until the son is a small child/toddler/baby and the mom is a hot young 20 something.

  8. Alexis32

    Big Splash 2 would be amazing!
    I liked a lot the firts part. I would like to see more interaction between the sisters and more
    growth. Mom could grow too…

    Yard Work 6 and 7. I would like more scenes with mom and Nicole. A big mom vs tiny Nicole like part 2. More mom growth and size changes.

  9. Tyler

    I wanna see Nicole become the mom in the age regression one.. also when is part 6 coming out. This is the best comic i have ever read..I’m not to big on mom being a giantess. I like the role reversal more.

    1. SM

      Yup. I am more into FMG as well. That is more my thing. I love seeing a woman with muscles. Been lucky to see more of those gals of the years in real life. It is pretty awesome.


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