Upcoming Comics February 21, 2013

I’ve had a lot of requests to post about upcoming comic projects. It seems pretty obvious that I should have done this long ago, but better late than never, I guess.

I’ve been reluctant to do this in the past for various reasons. First, I don’t want to commit myself to a timetable, as very often comics take a lot longer than you think they will. Artists get busy with other stuff, or fail to meet deadlines, or I get busy, or fail to meet my own deadlines, etc. I don’t want to promise something and then have to let readers down. Second, I want each comic to be something that I’m genuinely excited about myself, so I really don’t want to get locked into a timetable where I have to produce a new comic (for example) every month. And third, I’m a little superstitious – if I talk about a project before it’s done it might not go as smoothly as I hope it will.

Anyway, here’s a look into some upcoming projects:

Next up is a new SW comic with art by Rebecca. I think she’s one of the best artists in the country – period – and the artwork on this comic is just amazing. It’s an all-female, all-new cast. It’s called “College Bound.”

I’ve been working on a new series with Bojay about a group of South Sea Island ladies that get affected by radiation from Atomic Bomb tests. It’s a long comic and will probably be in several parts. Bojay does an amazing job with sexy ladies and his island women are just incredible. I’m really excited about this comic.

The Pepper Pair are unfortunately busy with other work right now, but they expect to be freed up in a few months. I have two fun projects going with them now, a longer AP / GTS comic and a really cute SW comic.

There are some other projects in the works too, but I think that’s enough for now. I’ll try to keep updating on a regular basis. Maybe once a month or so?

Also if there’s anything you want to see in a comic this is a good place to post it. No guarantees, but I’m always open to new ideas.

Other comics you may like:

20 thoughts on “Upcoming Comics

  1. ben

    could you do a comic where the mom is an inventer of a shrink ray and her 18 year old son finds it and used it around the house and ends up shrinking himself and his older sister but the shrink ray dosen tshrink cloths then his mom comes back home and is unaware … then she finds them both in in bathroom when shes taking a bath and finds a way too punsh them both for playing with her inventions making them paint her nails and rub her feet.. mom treeting them like dolls

    🙂 just an idea

  2. Atsuyo

    Some m/m comics would be great to see. I know there aren’t a lot if us that want to see those. But I know a few people who would likely buy some that were strictly m/m. 🙂

    1. dreamtales Post author

      There seems to be some interest in m/m, unfortunately it’s not really my thing. But I will be featuring some shrunken guys with normal sized (or larger) ladies.

  3. ??

    on ararchives i just saw Gundam Seed AR Comic Maternal Instincts and rememberd palcomix and your other parody works (slayer,tenchi,evangelin,ppg,jakie chan adventure) and came up with idea for 3 comics like that: 2 from sailor moon anime and 1 from ranma manga. i will write the plots and please give me an answer as to what do you think about it. here gose
    sailor moon
    role switch
    usagi (sailor moon) is arguing with chibiusa (sailor mini moon), chibiusa calls usagi a baby than usagi sarcastically says “than you must be my big sister” on witch chibiusa sarcastically says “more like mother”. chibiusas magical bell (she summons pegasus with it) makes their age change. at first it seems they swapped ages and teen chibiusa takes advantage of little usagi,but than usagi regresses to a baby while chibiusa grows into a busty adult with lactative breasts. scared usagi wets on carpet, chibiusa instead of getting angry has her motherly kick in and comforts her knew daughter.

    Saturn gratitude
    (if you watched anime you know that after defiating sailor saturns (hotaru) dark side her good side regressed to a child and she was raised by sailors uranus,neptune and pluto. the comics starts after she returns to her original age(teen)) hotaru looks at a photo album of her second childhood and has warm feeling about it, she askes sailor pluto (pluto is senshi of time) to lend her her staff. after that she says how grateful she is to uranus,neptune and pluto and wants to repey them same way (she is not angry, its not revenge), she uses staff to turn those 3 into babies and babysits them. than she realizes how hard it is for her so she uses staff to turn herself into mature woman (with big lactating breasts) and becomes their mother. it ends with a happy family photo of mother and her 3 daughters.

    don’t have name for this one
    (based on age changing mushroom arc from manga) shampoo wants to steal ranma by giving him age changing mushroom , but akane is the one who eats the mushroom and turns into baby, in panic shampoo grabs akane and takes her to her (shampoos) ramen shop, she dose not know that ranma saw it all and went after her. at shapoos place she teases akane and points to a table were in a pot there are two mushrooms one still little other big enough to turn akane to normal, while shampoo continued teasing akane ranma grabed little mushroom and threw it right into shampoos mouth and turnd her into baby, then he went to bathroom and turned himself into a girl to play the role of babysitter, she spanked shampoo and started to tease both of them. she didn’t notice that mushroom grew some more and now it would make them older than they were. she says shes sorry and sees that there is another little mushroom in pot and decides to encourage babies but angry akane who was near the pot throws little mushroom into ranmas mouth and eats big one. ranma now is a baby, while akane turns into women (probably 30 or 32 years old) whith massive lactating breasts and starts her job raising those babies as their strict and loving mother.
    well what do you think?

  4. smallguy500

    I’d like to see you redo “The Temple.” In the hands of a capable artist, you’d have a wonderfully visual comic, and an opportunity for some SM/SW/GTS in one comic. It’s one of my favorite stories of yours, and I think it’d translate well.

  5. mmm

    I vote for Aunt Millies too! but please give the role reversal sequence between Cindy and Mary in a part. Important is role reversal between Cindy and Missie and Billie with many pages from being a strict babysitter to a kid trapped with them with humiliating scenes and showing overpower of the two kids over her with actions such as spanking and words.

  6. Nom Anor

    I’d still love to see you adapt The Science Project with Betsy and Lauren standing in for Gloria and Molly (similar to how Suzy and Marilyn stood in for Betsy and Cindy in Beach Blanket Beauties).

  7. beach body workouts

    Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
    The text in your post seem to be running off the screen in Safari.
    I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know.
    The design and style look great though! Hope you get the issue fixed soon. Kudos


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