Yard Work Part Five October 21, 2013

An angry giantess Mom gets ready to bust out of her clothes.

An angry Mom gets ready to bust out of her clothes.

43 pages, Color, US$9.99
Female Growth, Shrinking Men
Artwork by Sedna Studio

Amy and Mom keep growing to mini-giantesses, while Luke stays tiny. An angry Mom busts out of her clothes. And tiny Luke has a very sexy scene with a giant Nicole!

In Part Five:
A Mini-GTS Mom gives the Doctor a spanking;
Giantess Amy and Mom attract a crowd;
Tiny Luke goes for a swim with a giant nude Nicole;
Nicole plays out her giantess fantasies with tiny Luke.

Note: This is Part Five of a Multi-Part Series You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

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US$ 9.99

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82 thoughts on “Yard Work Part Five

  1. alex

    I just wanna know did Luke grow back a little?I mean i haven’t bought the part-five because i prefer to see more mini-gts scenes

    1. dreamtales Post author

      [Spoiler] Luke doesn’t grow, but there’s plenty of mini-GTS content in the first half as Mom and Amy interact with normal-sized people. The second part of the comic is pretty much pure Shrinking Men related.

  2. corey

    great issue all we need is Luke growing Amy getting bigger as well maybe Nicole bigger too and more awesome from mom great job can’t wait for the finale

  3. Fred

    If there’s a finale, in the end, I hope Luke grows back, making the girls shrink and hide in the dollhouse.

    Just a tease…but I can dream.

  4. v00d00

    This chapter is awsome! I love the Nicole/Luke bath scene, so hot! I really hope they can both fullfil their fantasy for real! Mom is hot, still hoping for some hot mom/Amy action, but I think that’s just a dream!

    Would be cool if Nicole shrank so she could be with Luke, both living in the doll house, and fulfilled her giantess fantasy through Amy/Mom!

    1. corey

      I hope for the mom and Amy thing or at least more interaction unfortunately I doubt the Luke and Nicole dollhouse thing but still I know its going to be great

    1. v00d00

      Yeah, there have been hints in the last 2 comics, Amy admiring mom, mom saying Amy was a big beautiful girl, kisses on cheeks etc. But I think what we all want is some hot mother/daughter lesbian action, with Amy suckling on mom’s huge boobs, and more 😉

      Maybe, if they are to eventually return to normal in part 6, they could both get naked, and shower in the weed shrinker, getting hot, wet & steamy before shrinking back to normal!

      1. corey

        I don’t think they should shrink whatsoever after everything that’s happened the girls shrinking is the last thing I want to see but I say yes to Amy and mom interaction

  5. m

    the sizes are the very good , but if Mom became 10 ft tall at the end and she tries to find a new house for her new size , the story will be so amazing !

          1. m

            3 ft is better ! ( nicole 7 ft , amy 8 ft , mom 11 ft )
            we hope to see some actions between amy and her bigger Mom .

  6. Alexis32

    Mom will be te biggest girl at the end?
    Amy? Nicole maybe?
    What will happen with Luke?
    I would like a lot to see more growing females
    and a BIG girl. Yes a GIANT mom.

  7. m

    in next chapter , we hope to see Mom take a bath with super gro and became 11ft tall and luke became 4ft and luke has a sex with 7ft tall nicole and 8ft tall Amy suck huge boobs of 11ft tall Mom and they live happy forever !

  8. JC

    Am I the only one that wants Nicole to shrink back down again? I liked it best when she shrank just as puny as Luke in the other chapter.

    1. v00d00

      Nope, you’re not alone! I liked seeing Nicole shrink down, especially when Amy & mum turned up! Hoped she might shrink again, and have more interaction with other women!

  9. Brian

    I was disappointed in part 4, could have skipped it. I’m sorry to say and part 5 was good… till all the girls stopped growing… I was hoping Amy would continue to grow in size and out grow mom complete and explode out of the house. I love cramped growth in buildings 🙂 Part 5 was, okay I guess, for sure not the best and I really hope this isn’t the final part.

    – Spoiler! –

    I know the last part with luck being small and exploring his tall girlfriend’s body was hot, but I don’t care for shrunken males, now if it was a shrunken Amy exploring her or vice-a-versa, then it might be more enjoyable.

    -Spoiler End-

    Sorry if it sounds like nothing but complaining just giving my thoughts. Great series idea, just needs more girls growing and/or shrinking.

    Posted October 24, 2013 at 2:57 AM
    If there’s a finale, in the end, I hope Luke grows back, making the girls shrink and hide in the dollhouse.

    Just a tease…but I can dream.

    I agree with this, have the girls shrink and Luke grow, but then have them grow back to normal and then have Amy and Luke’s girlfriend have a growing match. Massive giantess, I don’t care for mom growing, not into older chicks, not that she isn’t hot, it’s just that Amy and Luke’s girlfriend are hooter 🙂

  10. kong

    No , Mom is hottest girl in this series and must be biggest !!
    hope this series continues , at least 10 part.
    and this story just have mini giantesses .

      1. Brian

        Coldheartedly disagree, she’s hot… but not nearly as hot as the other two girls. Just because she is a MILF, doesn’t give her higher hotness and it’s a better plot when child is over powering parent. Parents always rule because of the height advantage. But I would like to see more parts though.

        Case closed

          1. Brian

            Already bought Big Splash a long time ago and loved it. But it would be nice to see her kid get bigger than her to advance the plot and then mom can get bigger. I just don’t think a MILF is hotter than the two other girls in this comic. Mom is hot, but not hotter.

            Last reply on this manner. Continue to bring out pure GTS comics Dreamtales. I love it when kids become giantess (Like in Big Splash) or folks have the role reverse. Also love to see a Big Splash 2 ^^

          2. Bitle

            so we have comics where kids are bigger and this comics must be different and Mom must be biggest girl in all times !
            Mom is beloved person here and she must grow and become biggest .

  11. john

    I always wanted to see a comic where mother is much bigger than childs and here I found it .
    please more growth of mom and make her biggest.


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