Yard Work Part Four September 24, 2013

Mom becomes the perfect MILF giantess in Yard Work Four.

Mom becomes the perfect MILF giantess in Yard Work Four.

41 pages, Color, US$9.99
Female Growth, Shrinking Men
Artwork by Sedna Studio

While Mom and Amy keep growing, Luke shrinks to doll size. Lots of great unaware giantess scenes as at tiny Luke struggles to get giant Amy and Mom’s attention!

In Part Four:
Little Luke meets Nicole;
Mom busts out of her clothes;
Amy waters the weeds – and tiny Luke;
Luke gets caught in Amy’s bikini bra.

Note: This is Part Four of a Multi-Part Series You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

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US$ 9.99

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63 thoughts on “Yard Work Part Four

  1. Justin Brown

    So are you planning on having Luke getting smaller or are the ladies going to be doing some major or maybe both. I love the what you did you with Nichole.

  2. Justin Brown

    I Hoping for Luke to get smaller so when Mom and Amy lay down there feet tower over Luke like how they tower over him now and they let Luke Play with their feet.

  3. Steve Jenkins

    I really liked it, I hope you can emphasize more growth. I think some more pseudo attraction from mother to daughter(or vice versa), like implied but never carried out would be good. Maybe some maternal instincts from the daughter to the brother especially with the brother’s temporarily living quarters being in an intimate location. Definitely some more growth with the neighbor and maybe restoration for the son to a size where he can be utilized not necessarily back to normal.

  4. KefkaR

    REALLY enjoyed this one (best yet). I’m seconding more ‘unaware’ scenes, but this really nailed it.

    What can we expect to see in the next two episodes as far as ‘situations’? 🙂

  5. frenchyars

    For my part, the shrinking goes to fast.
    I like when the shrink is at knee level and more humiliating from his sister.
    More take care from his mother, treat like a baby.
    But it’s good.

    Frenchy Ars

  6. cesar

    as said frenchyars the shrinking goes to fast to me too. I Hoping was more humiliation from his sister.
    But i enjoyed. Thank you! I will like more humiliation from his sister. i will like to Nichole grows at the of amy!

  7. trout5008

    Great so far. I would like to see Amy out grow mom and Luke grow at least bigger thanthe bush he was planting. I also would enjoy more sleeping growth. Keep up the good work.

  8. Greg

    I enjoyed this chapter a lot, but not as much as the first three.
    I agree with the poster who said that Luke got too small too fast.
    To me it’s more fun if Luke is more “realistically” short.
    With Amy and mom at 7 feet, there’s a lot of fun to be have with Luke being as short as a tiny kid or even a baby.
    But once Luke is the size of a weed, toe, or nipple it’s a little too fantastical for me.
    I hope Luke can get a little bit bigger now that he knows the weed shrinker and super grow formula are the causes for the size changes.
    Still looking forward to the next chapters.

  9. AnotherLurker

    Amazing. Easily my favorite comic of yours since “The Big Splash” – although that may change if there’s shrinking in “Puberty Fairies 3”! 😀

  10. ArrayList

    Yeah, the accelerated shrinking with Luke happened just a little too fast and led to an early extreme situation. Taking things slowly I think is the best way to enjoy a comic like this. Since Luke knows the formula now, I feel like he should be brought to a more manageable size since more shrinking is just going to make interacting with him too hard. Amy’s proportions on the sunbathing scene are a little weird. Still looking forward to Luke getting a happy ending, and although more growth on Amy and Mom is great, not going to gigantic proportions is the reason I keep reading this. Mini-amazon size (7-9 ft.) is just right. Also more interaction between Amy/Mom and normal people is great since you constantly have a point of reference.

    One thing I would love to see which I think was done beautifully was the shower scene from part one where you emphasize the growth changes in every panel. I think the small sequences you throw in to emphasize the changes are the best parts.

  11. ArrayList

    Of course I know you are doing alternate versions of this comic so there is plenty of room for variation. I’m just stating my personal preferences. Sorry for writing so much.

  12. dreamtales Post author

    Wow, thanks for all the comments. Part Five is underway, I’ll try to post it as soon as I can. Probably in a 4-6 weeks?

    Yes, Luke’s shrinking was faster in this one. I was afraid that it might be too quick, but I did want to get some tiny / unaware scenarios in.

    I do plan to revisit Yard Work, doing alternate versions, so if there are any specific scenarios you want to see, please post them here!

    1. AuGoose

      I would LOVE to see Nicole figure out the cause of Amy’s “Foot… or Two” of growth and soak herself down with the last of the PlantGro straight from the bottle. She’s the one character that WANTS to come out of this 7 feet tall (and hawter than the summer sun) :).

    2. gtsfan07

      This is the best part yet for me, I don’t know about the others but I really enjoyed this, maybe because my favorite gts interaction is always unaware gts/sm or sw. I really would love to see some inshoe scenarios with his mother or feet interaction with the mother. maybe even some almost vore scene with the sister. Some complain about the shrinking going to fast, well maybe the next issue can focus more in the man trying to survive a bugs-life and then having the next comic as full growth between the girls

    3. D-Ken

      These are great! My wife and I have enjoyed them, and we’re usually AR fans. Speaking of which, in the AR re-boot (pleeeeease!), we’d really like to see some male AR where the subject is wearing something a little more… revealing. We all love seeing girls in bikinis and lingerie regress, so why not some guys in speedos or sports briefs? I leave it at that.

      Thanks for all you do!

  13. m

    very good !
    please make Mom grows more than Amy and she reach into 9-10 ft tall and a little bustier .
    if Nicole grows bigger and Luke return to normal size and He lives with mini giantess family the story become very lovely.
    thank you so much.

  14. Greg

    Thanks for getting back to us.

    I can’t speak for others, but for me the slow growth was the best. When suddenly the girl (Amy) who was shorter is catching up, then eye to eye, then looking down at him, then a head taller, then he’s at breast height, then he’s looking into her navel, and so on.

    It would be fun to see scenes where Amy teases Luke by picking him up off the ground where his legs are dangling. And picking him up when he’s at different heights (like eventually holding him like he was a baby.)

    It’d also be nice to see reminders of what their heights were just a few days ago, and how they’re really supposed to be. Either by showing us flashback or dream sequences. Or by showing family photos and portraits that are on the wall. Seeing the contrast of then and now would be great.

    Thank you for the great series.

  15. Alexis32

    Excellent new chapter.
    Suspense… A lot of shrink so I hope to see a lot of growth in
    the next 2 chapters!
    The girls are fantastic.

    I would like to see more growth, mini gts and really big girl at the end.
    Mommy would be a fantastic giantess!

  16. m

    Mommy should be bigger than Amy now after her growth !
    ( Moms are always bigger than childs 😉 )
    but the story was amazing ,
    thank you !

  17. SM

    You want suggestions for alternate version?

    How about the next one deals with sister just outgrowing brother. No Age Regression, or shrinkage, I personally do not like that too much. Just little sister outgrowing her brother. She outgrows him in height, strength. The brother is kind of an athlete, right? Make her become an athlete. No more sister being tall and skinny, how about giving her some mass, maybe even some muscle. Sister begins to take charge at home and at school.

    If FMG is not your thing, please think about utilizing more flashbacks, more characters to be witness to the changes going on. There are not enough characters in Yard Work, more characters mean more opportunity to folk’s reacting to the things going around in the story.

  18. darknail

    if i were to give some commentary i would want the changes to be even slower, and more subtle. they have been a little too obvious and in their faces to be honest throughout all the 4 parts currently released, it is still great but this i just my opinion.

  19. Greg

    I like SM’s suggestions.
    The Luke and Amy parts or my favorite parts of the story.
    And an FMG element would be good.
    The complete role reversal of who’s bigger and stronger is something I’d like to see too.

  20. v00d00

    OMG! This is just wondeful! The secondhard of this chapter is totally mind blowing! I LOVE the unaware scenes with Luke & Amy, so incredibly hot! I’m also liking the vibe between Mom & Amy, I hope something happens between them, they both seem mutually attracted to each other, just a moment of passion! And I love the little twist with Nicole! I really hope she gets to live out her fantasy! I do wonder if she would also like to be shrunk & experience Amy & Mom as giantesses!? That would be sooo hot!

  21. Merlin

    Is there any AP in this chapter at all? Would love to see more AP down the road from girl to adult and even to middle age, perhaps the daughter becoming middle-aged and then becoming the mother (daughter/mother age swap) This is a great comic would but would really like to see more female AP. Thanks.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      I guess it’s mostly Female Growth from here on, in this series at least. The girls get bigger but not any older. I can work some into the AR reboot.

  22. m

    I hope the series ends like this they figure out what makes them grow and shrink but decide instead of making everything normal again they make luke normal size (maybe a few inches bigger for his girlfriend) and buy a ton more of the super grow and get a way bigger house for their new size’s (amy like 10 feet mom about 12 feet and lukes girlfriend roughly 9 feet)

  23. Growthfan75

    Absolutely loved Part 4, it is the best so far. I think its pretty easy to predict where the last two parts will go, but I’ll be happy if I’m pleasantly surprised. M like you I’d also like to see the girls continue to get bigger, though I’d prefer it if Amy would steal the rest of the SuperGro and use it on herself, ending up about 12-13 feet, while mom and Nicole stay about the same. Definitely grow Luke back up to normal size but leave him on the shorter side, say about 5 foot even:) In any case I’m very eager for part 5!

  24. ??

    dear dreamtales
    have you ever considered posting 2-3 page multipaneld free comics along the way. i know you and guys you work with are busy with big projects that are ‘worth the wait’, but some times it is well i don’t want to sound mean but waiting that long can get kinda annoying and some people may have expected more (better development, plot, character interaction etc) after waiting so much.
    how about making free short versions of your future projects (you know prototypes,not previews) so you can analyze and make an actual project even better. sorry if anything in my comment offended you, i just pointed this out because your Free Stuff section has not been updated in ages.

  25. David

    This issue was terrible. It starts with excellent promise re little brother and revealing to girl friend. There is so much to do here. Then it becomes boring, the Incredible Shrinking Man has already been done and that was enough. Please bring out the AR version soon and don’t waist any more time on this version.

    The art work was as good as ever, but I really felt as though this edition was a waist of time and will probably not continue with 5&6 of this edition.

  26. Greg

    I don’t want to come off as harsh as the last two comments. So I’ll stick with the positives. What I’ve really liked about all 4 chapters that I’ve bought are the gradual growth and shrinking over time. How Amy was having fun teasing Luke as their situations reversed. As long as their heights were in a real world zone (with Luke as short as 4 feet tall and Amy as tall as 7 feet tall) it was fun and entertaining.

    Something to keep in mind with future projects. Because I would definitely buy more stories like that. It would also be fun to see Amy picking up her “little” brother against his will.

    Thanks for your time.

  27. Fred

    I wonder if Part 5 will finally have his payback, shrinking the girls who were giants. DT, that’s GOT to happen! ^_^

  28. cesar

    i enjoyed so much! Thank you! I will like more humiliation from his sister. i will like Nichole use SuperGro on herself. Grows at the size of amy while luke stay at the of 4”!

  29. littlerob

    This is really an exceptional story!!! I thought the pace of the shrinking and growing was perfect and so was the character development. I would love to see Nicole’s reaction to his size now as well as a little evilness out of her. Great story and I look forward to the next installment 🙂

  30. v00d00

    I hope Luke & Nicole get to explore her fantasy a bit! Would be cool if Luke got his age back, but not his size, and he got to play with an amazingly sexy giantess, and she got a hot tiny stud!

    Still hope to see some more girl on girl action though! Either Nicole & Amy, or Amy & Mom, or Mom & Nicole!

  31. tinyone

    Great story!
    Please let Luke shrink a little bit more before he will grow a little bit!
    And let his girlfriend take a look at him!
    (p.s.: the size of Luke on page 27 is not the same as on the following!)


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