Yard Work Six Preview November 23, 2013

Amy gets her wish in Yard Work Part Six

Amy gets her wish in Yard Work Part Six

Still working on the comic, but here’s a preview page.

[As a background, Amy’s once-domineering older brother Luke is shrunk to 3 inches tall and living in a dollhouse.]

I love Amy’s innocent expression in the top panels, and her obvious glee at getting her opportunity for sweet revenge. I wonder what she has in mind?

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56 thoughts on “Yard Work Six Preview

  1. SM

    Is Yard Work pt 6 coming out before that FMG comic?

    I stopped reading Yard Work with pt 4. I originally thought that the emphasis on the comic was going to be Amy. I figured that she would end up being the biggest one of all, especially with all that dosing of growth formula. I thought she would become taller than mother. I realize that the mother has become a favorite. But I personally am not into that character. By the end of the book I thought Amy would be the biggest of all, can that still happen? I will re-visit Yard Work eventually but I am more into the comics of a once smaller gal becoming the powerful one over a former bully. Based on this page, this comic might have some of those themes.

    Looking forward to that FMG comic, that is more my thing. If you throw in some GTS with FMG, that is also great.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      I’m hoping to get the Muscle growth comic up in a day or two. It does have some GTS as well.

      Yes, Yard Work 6 is the big “payback” for Amy. In fact, most of the stories in it are one form form of payback or another.

  2. Brian

    Is Amy getting shorter/younger?

    The mom definitely looks taller than Amy but it seems like Amy may have gotten shorter/younger somewhat. Are the chemicals reversing themselves?

  3. AFW

    this sounds quite good as usual, but i’m hoping luke will return to a reasonably normal size and the girls will still be taller

  4. Michel

    I follow this series , it was very exciting so far . mother is the best in this series , so if she stay biggest , the story will be amazing .

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Don’t worry, we’ll see plenty of Mom in the next chapters. Mom will still have some growing to do – her size will be unstable after the treatment.

  5. Brian

    Love it! Can’t wait for more mom! Hottest hands down. Will Mom and Amy explore their “feelings” towards each other more at some point? 😉

  6. jack

    Mom looks very hot and have very nice ass !
    she must be biggest girl in yard work !
    when this great part will publish ??

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Sorry, it really will take a couple more weeks. The inks are almost done but the coloring and lettering are just getting started. So please be patient – good things come to those who wait!

  7. Greg

    I was wondering, if the girls are being treated and they’re shrinking down, how big are they now?
    Does that mean that Luke is getting back to his normal size?
    Please say that no matter how much new growing and shrinking takes place that Amy will always be bigger and stronger than Luke now.
    Because the role reversal between the two is what’s fun for me.

    Thank you for a fun series.

    1. corey

      it does seem like Amy should be permanently bigger than Luke it just feels like that’s how it should be I also remember how the scale in the hall would tell us how big they were when they walked by it maybe you could work that in some more

  8. Buddha

    Amy in charge of Luke… and Amy knows where the Weed Shrinker is. I have a feeling Luke’s problems are only just beginning…

  9. Alexis32

    The size of mom will be unstable after the treatment …
    It´s a fantastic new.
    Size changes!
    Amy vs Luke !
    Part 6 will be great!!!

  10. mtndw

    I’m toooooootally fine with mom and Amy staying normal size and keeping Luke tiny. Sounds splendid. My fav part of the whole series was in four when he wound up in her bra. BRILLIANT.

  11. corey

    hey sorry if this is getting annoying but how is the thought process of my ideas for Big splash 2 going? I know you have a lot going on right now but I would like to know

  12. luco

    Really sucks to hear the mother isn’t interacting with Luke much in chapter 6. She is – along with her situation – the hottest thing in this story.


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