Yard Work Six Update December 8, 2013

Mom shoots a guy with Weed Shrinker in Yard Work Six

Mom shoots a guy with Weed Shrinker in Yard Work Six

I was hoping to have Yard Work Six posted soon, but unfortunately it will be another several weeks before it’s ready. The coloring and lettering will take an estimated 3 weeks to complete.

I’m really sorry about the delay, but that’s just how long these things take. A typical comic takes 2 months to complete, not including the script and the edits. In this case there were a bunch of edits that I made that (I think) improved the story a lot.

Please be patient, we’re working as fast as we can!

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68 thoughts on “Yard Work Six Update

  1. 142

    Il fatto e’ che qui secondo il mio modesto parere siamo su di un livello superiore … YARD WORK rappresenta la migliore storia mai pubblicata, per trama e. per grafica. Per cui qualsiasi altra uscita, fumetto o racconto passano in secondo piano. L’attesa per la sesta parte oramai dura da qualche mese e mi sta logorando psicologicamente. Dalle anticipazioni di Dreamtales sono convinto che sarà ancora migliore delle precedenti … Ma l’attesa sta veramente iniziando a pesare …
    DREAMTALES se non riesce a pubblicare oggi ci dia altre novità …
    Il ragazzo colpito dalla mamma quanto diventerà piccolo ? La mamma si approfitterà di lui ?


  2. YOU

    please part 6

    I would like to read early.
    I cannot bear…

    If possible, please put on the another preview page.
    Please dreamtales …

  3. Greg

    Thank you for putting up with our impatience. Please take it as a compliment. It’s only because we think you’re doing a great job on this one.

  4. Spyman59

    I can’t wait for part 6 but I understand that it takes time to get everything just right for us fans. Take your time Dreamtales!

  5. Cincy

    Guys, I’m sure that Dreamtales is working as fast as possible to get the comic out. You all know that this is one of the best sites for this content that is available. The posts here are whining and verging on harassment. This is the kind of behavior that can make a producer decide that these enterprises are no longer worth the treatment that he/she receives. Please relax. I’m sure that the comic will be released as soon as it’s ready.

    Dreamtales, I love your work. Please keep it up!



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