Yard Work Part Six December 31, 2013

Amy finally gets her payback on her shrunken older brother in Yard Work Six.

Amy finally gets her payback on her shrunken older brother.

46 pages, Color, US$9.99
Female Growth, Shrinking Men
Artwork by Sedna Studio

For those of you focusing on the Luke / Amy relationship, this is the part where Amy gets her payback – in a big way! Plus more mini- giantess Mom!

In Part Six:
Mom has a run-in with her ex-husband and his hot girlfriend;
Little Luke gets it on with the sexy Nurse;
And … Amy finally has little Luke at her mercy!

Note: This is Part Six of a Multi-Part Series You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

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US$ 9.99

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131 thoughts on “Yard Work Part Six

  1. Brian

    Oh my god yes! Still the best comic series ever! Can’t wait for the conclusion and the alternate spin-offs! Dreamtales you are a genius! You just made my day! Tell me, is the next one gonna have more flirtatious interaction between Mom and Amy or perhaps Mom and Luke? I want mom to strip more and show whos in charge!

  2. darknail

    I liked this one, even though i do not really care for the Mother storyline.

    i hope for the next part that Luke starts to grow back.

    Perhaps to sate the hunger of the people you could opt for a Black/White version of the next part when the drawings are done, and then later a color version as well?

  3. Fred Francis

    Hey, DT…I’d like to know when the SW part comes in? Like when Luke regains his height, in exchange for the girls, so he can play with them?

  4. kong

    part 5 was better !
    you promised more mom , but don’t see it .
    mom should have a growth into 10ft tall .
    please continue with more growth for mom !

  5. rr

    I remember you had it commented that the unstable treatment, the mother will grow more than 10 feet in the next chapter

  6. m

    excellent work like always πŸ˜‰
    but after this waiting , we hope to see some growth for mom and she stay at least 9 ft tall .

  7. alex

    no growing in this part !!
    I love it when mom growing bigger , so please do more growth for mom in next chapters .

  8. corey

    I would have to agree with what people are saying in the next issue I would like to see a lot more growth but even then this issue was really good and I would say that the ex husband got just what he deserved good job dreamtales can’t wait to see whats next

  9. v00d00

    Wow, another awsome chapter! I love the scenes with Luke & the sexy nurse! So hot! Although, what’s happened to Nicole? I thought Luke had a thing for her! Shame Nicole & Luke don’t get it on!

    Liked the ex-husband scenes, although would have been cool to see Mom shrink Brigette as well! Turn her into a real little girl bimbo!

    The scenes with Amy & Luke are also good, she’s really enjoying herself, and she is smoking hot!

    Can’t wait for chapter 7!

  10. robotech

    excellent this delivery… When are you going to publish part 7… I hope that more growth of the mother there are… There will be a part 8

  11. Alexis32

    Another great chapter.
    I love the nurse. Hot character.
    The scenes with Amy playing with Luke
    are fantastic.
    If mom used the Weed Shrinker with her ex husband, could she use the
    Super Gro herself maybe?
    I hope to see the unstables sizes of mom in the next part.

  12. kong

    MOM must use super gro on herself and make herself taller and hotter with bigger butt and boobs !
    for ending parts we must have a family with 10 ft tall mom , 6 ft tall girl and 4 ft tall boy .
    because this is best comic in net , please Dreamtale continue this series in more parts .
    thank you so much .

  13. Godleydemon

    Honestly, a little disappointed. I thought for sure you would start doing the spin off series of age regression and age progression by now, that you had talked about on the process. Also.. on panel 20 of this comic I was rather shocked to realize that someone had just pasted a picture of flat roses on the bush… It looks horrendously out of place compared to the rest of the comic and extremely amateurish.

  14. Greg

    Will we see more of the ex-husband?
    It would be fun to see him with Amy & Luke, since they’re his children.
    6 and a half foot Amy towering over her midget-sized father would be a good scene.

    Will we see any scenes of Amy with her friends or classmates from school?
    She must be like a giant to them.

  15. TryManX

    i’m not going to lie to you i was highly disappointed in this newest issue in my opinion you had alot of potential for this issue but completely blew it not to mention it seemed very rushed.
    i don’t think anyone here you’d have had a problem with you taking alittle while longer to get things right. in all honesty your first two issues in this didn’t even catch my attention, but 3 started to get interesting, and you completely had me at 4&5 and had me wanting more for 6 especially with amy getting payback this alone was the biggest let down. all amy did for payback to luke was forcefully undressed him, gave him a bath, and a ride on her boobs and then nothing.
    I thought this whole scene was going in a totally different direction then that, she could have sat on him, crushed him with her boobs underneath or between, pretend to eat him to give him a scare, or even explore her new found sexual hardware with him.
    now don’t get me wrong here love what you’ve made here far too many comics out there have just vore, crush, and destruction but you made a great unaware shrink love and revenge with ALOT of potential so just keep that in mind for the future

    1. gtaruns

      Great job DT! Thought this was the best to date. Have to disagree with the complaints – thought this one got hot and into some cool fantasy.

      If I read it right, there could be more / even better to come from the sister at the very end (she’s going to wash him again?), so I’m hoping that’s not done and what others are asking for might be there next.

      Never was that into the mom, so not much to say there, and not into 10 ft range. 7 ft (6 ft something for sister) works for me.

  16. m

    Mom must grow bigger and became 10 ft tall and she must be biggest girl always !
    can we see a sex scene of 10 ft tall mom with her ex-husband ?? πŸ™‚

  17. 142

    La scena del EX Marito con la compagna e’ ECCEZIONALE
    Se posso dare il mio umile consiglio e’ di continuare su questo filone
    L’ex marito merita ulteriori umiliazioni …fantastica la scena dove la mamma strizza la compagna con il suo seno … Per il settimo capitolo spero in una ulteriore prova di forza della mamma nei confronti del suo EX pigmeo e della sua piccola compagna …

  18. Tomy

    Happy New Year. Good job. what’s happened to Nicole?. i was expecting her for more teasing with luke. i was expecting more payback for Amy. Luke grow an inch and stay while Amy grows a bit more

  19. Andrew

    Dreamtales, could you make it so he grows to the size of a baby, and they dress him up in little boys clothes and make him wear diapers, and say he has to because of his size?

          1. v00d00

            And I hope he keeps it this way! Diaper stuff is just too weird! There are plenty of other comic artists that do Diaper stuff – OkayOkayOkOk for example! And I hope Dreamtales doesn’t go down this route, and sticks with what he does best!

    1. v00d00

      And I hope he keeps it this way! Diaper stuff is just too weird! There are plenty of other comic artists that do Diaper stuff – OkayOkayOkOk for example! And I hope Dreamtales doesn’t go down this route, and sticks with what he does best!

  20. wauster

    I think, the Yard word comics go until the part 10 πŸ™‚
    Beacause Amy has to do many ways to humiliate his little brother.
    Congratulations Dreamtales.

  21. Bitle

    great work !!
    hope to see more growth for mom in next parts !
    we want a family with 10 ft tall mom , 6 ft Amy and 4 ft Luke .

  22. rr

    I congratulate you on this excellent production …. when are you going to publish the next issue ….. pregcomo smeared one there will be a part 8 ….. as you had cometado tratatamiento months ago the mother is unstable ….. I hope the mother grow to over 10 feet and nicole also grow and be higher than amy

    happy new year

  23. corey

    hey dreamtales I just wanted to thank you for all your work making some of the best comics I have ever seen as I’ve said big splash is one of my personal Faveorites and so is yard work so once again thank you and happy new year (-:

      1. robotech

        can you tell us how it will be oriented chapter 7, and when would be …. hopefully with more growth of the mother

  24. gts_fan08

    I really have liked your work in this series I do hope you keep it up. I offer this opinion, not to insult but to critique, I hope with the next part is a bit more fluid. I understand that there is a lot of things that your trying to cover, but the first to parts of the story seem to come out of no where. Still great work and I look forward to the next part.

  25. koro

    Thank you Dreamtales! I had been eagerly awaiting this installment, and it did not disappoint. I missed Nicole this time around, and wished that we’d seen more of tiny Luke’s interactions with the sexy Nurse. And I of course enjoyed that Luke remains 3″ tall while the sizes of others have changed. Glad to see the story will continue; for some reason I’d been part six might be the finale.

  26. gts

    excellent work !
    please more growth for mother in next part and please continue this amazing series .
    thanks …

  27. AFW

    Preferred this one much more than the last 2, great work. The last 2 were way too focused and this one has a little more balance. I hope you keep the story semi-realistic (I’d prefer interaction between Luke a few feet taller than the others) and don’t disrupt the pace that you have built so far, but I have faith from reading your previous works that the continuation of this will be just as good as the last 6 parts.

  28. Cornbread

    I actually wish Luke goes through one or two more shrinking spurts. Three inches seems too big lol.I can also agree with everyone with more growth.

  29. rr

    I’m a fan of yard work, I’d like to know when would do the publication of part 7… I hope that you abide the different suggestions and has a growth of more than 11 feet mother… I congratulate you for this great work

    1. dreamtales Post author

      I’m hoping it will be ready in March. The artists just completed Part 6 so they need to start from scratch on Part 7, going through the sketch pages, inks, colors and lettering. Usually that takes 2-3 months, but I’m hoping to get it done asap!

  30. gokutothez

    I’m waiting for next part till March.
    I love mother growth spurt and growing of her body parts , I hope she became really big for home this time .

  31. Brian

    So what is the central theme of this next installment going to be? Is it going to have a greater focus on the exploits of mom?

  32. corey

    dreamtales I want to give you a my personal idea of what I would like to happen in part 7 if you want to hear it just simply reply

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Sure, but keep in mind that the lead time for a comic is 3-4 months. So I completed the script back in November. But I’m always willing to listen to ideas – thanks!

      1. corey

        I was actually thinking Amy could have a dream sequence where she mom and Nicole keep growing until Amy’s herself bursts through the house at 15 feet then she wakes up and thinks maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if she got a bit bigger so she goes outside to water herself with the super grow slowly growing bigger then mom comes out which then scares Amy and she accidently completely soaks mom and she grows even bigger than she already is I hope you could incorporate this into the story somehow thanks for listening

        1. corey

          another idea was after the yard work series is done maybe you could do a “what if?” styled thing four different stories focusing on the main characters Luke Amy Mom and Nicole involving different things such as for example what if Amy grew bigger than mom or Luke actually grew to 7 or 8 feet or Nicole grew 11 feet tall and lived out her giantess fantasy I think it could have a lot of potential but even then you have a lot to go through but still maybe keep this in mind

  33. corey

    it would allow you to experiment with the growth and characters so what are your thoughts on the “what if” idea and the dream sequence?

  34. 142

    Dreamtales, qualche anticipazione .
    Nel capitolo sette rivedremo l’ex marito oramai nano e la sua compagna ?
    La Mamma userΓ  la sua grandezza per umiliare o picchiare qualche personaggio ?
    Magari il suo ex marito … πŸ˜‰

  35. foreverloco

    Thanks you soo much Dreamstales this comic have changed the way I look my little cousin and it would be fun if she grew as same as Amy and I shrink as same as Luke I wish it could happen some day πŸ˜€

  36. CP

    Dreamtales, this is beyond doubt a fantastic series, and one that I hope will run and run! Many thanks for creating it; the brilliant “A Little Game of Hide and Seek” was always one of my all-time favourites, and I’m so glad it’s been carried over into comic-book form!

    May I ask, are we heading for anything resembling Chapter 5 of that story? We’ve flirted with it a couple of times, particularly with the endings of “Yard Work” 4 & 6, and it seems like we’re ready to dive in!

    …and while I’m here, is it ever possible we’ll see a chapter 6, or has “Yard Work” effectively replaced the narrative?

    Many thanks!

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Thanks, really appreciate your comments! I’m so glad that you put the two stories together – both favorites of mine.

      I don’t want to reveal too much, but at least in the near future I don’t expect to see the scenario you mention. Also Yard Work has taken over the Hide and Seek narrative, as you guessed.

  37. Greg

    If you do let Luke grow a little in the last chapter, it would be a fun bit of role reversal if the only clothes that fit him in the end are Amy’s clothes from the start of Yard Work Chapter 1.

    This has been a great story and I’ve been buying each chapter as it comes out. I can’t wait for the final chapter in March.

      1. Greg

        And if you leave Amy at her new 6 foot 6 height (or taller), she could be wearing Luke’s clothes from Yard Work Chapter 1, except they’re very tight on her, showing off her belly, because look was only 6 foot at the start.

  38. corey

    dreamtales I know you don’t wants to give anything away (believe me that’s the last thing I want) but I would like some sort of guarantee that Amy will grow at least a foot in the next chapter if you don’t want to answer you don’t have to I have faith in you dreamtales πŸ™‚

  39. 142

    Dreamtales, una piccola anticipazione del sette ?
    Ma sopratutto, prego di continuare questa serie per altri capitoli …

  40. corey

    okay dreamtales two things 1 what are you planning after the yard work series? 2 I had an idea for a story if your not too busy

      1. corey

        thank you now this is going to be very detailed the story is called island fruit where 4 girls and 2 guys end up trapped on a deserted island and they find fruit that no one has ever seen before all different colours too red, purple, blue, orange and brown but each of these fruit have different effects red makes you grow purple makes your breasts grow blue makes your muscles grow orange makes your butt bigger and brown does all of these at random the characters are Anna the main character she’s a redhead who is a very confident woman but wishes that she had bigger breasts and was taller, Stella who is Anna’s best friend she’s a bit of a tomboy who wants big muscles and to be as tall as a basketball player, Melissa is the mean girl who always picked on Anna she’s a well developed woman but she wouldn’t mind getting even bigger then there’s Sarah she’s nice but very shy she secretly wishes that her body was more developed and as for the guys there’s Mike he’s a brave and supportive man who wants to get everyone off the island and then there’s Gary he’s really full of himself and while on the island the guys start shrinking (the fruit has that effect on men) and the girls grow and I mean grow just to estimate Anna grows to at least 70 feet tall with very big breasts the muscle mass of a bodybuilder and a very juicy butt I decided to let you decide what will happen with the other girls but just setting a basis about all the girls becoming giantesses thanks for listening

  41. corey

    hey quick question in yard work part 4 and 5 I noticed that when mom got angry she grew even though she hadn’t been sprayed with the super grow and in part 1 Amy grew while she was in the shower could you maybe explain this or will it be explained in part 7?

  42. Jake

    I’m really loving this series, but I am feeling bad for Luke(Hope it’s not weird that I sympathize with him a bit). I do hope he regains some of his height, but not all of it.

    Maybe he can be like 2 or 3 feet?

  43. steve

    just got number 6 loved it, luke and amy, not really bothered about the others but it would be nice to see amy with her shrunken dad. luke should also accept his size he is an adult and amy is techically still 8 she should take him shopping for childrens clothes, because it is also meant to be ar and ap without loosing memory ive just got number 11 thats brilliant but lukes still fighting amy and not accepting his new role as older but ar brother


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