Yard Work Part Three August 1, 2013

Amy and Luke clash in Yard Work Three.

Amy and Luke clash in Yard Work Three.

35 pages, Color, US$9.99
Female Growth, Shrinking Men
Artwork by Sedna Studio

Luke adjusts to life as a little guy with a towering sexy sister, and a water battle makes Mom and Amy bust out of their clothes!

In Part Three:
Luke and Amy get in a wrestling match;
More growth from Amy and shrinkage from Luke;
Water battle! Mom and Amy versus little Luke;
Luke gets an eyeful when he walks in on Amy taking a shower.

Note: This is Part Three of a Multi-Part Series You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

Sample illustrations

US$ 9.99

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This comic is part of the Yard Work Pack One.

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74 thoughts on “Yard Work Part Three

      1. dreamtales Post author

        They are over six feet and still growing. In Part Four there is more comparisons – some bumping heads into doorways and even a mailman.

        Really glad you enjoyed it!

  1. Gill

    Yep, great continuation. Only wish we were able to see a Luke and Amy side by side (other than in the beginning when they were the same sizes as part two). By now Amy must be a bit over 6′ and Luke under 4′. He must be looking at her mid stomach by now.

  2. ArrayList

    I really like the scale of the growth in each chapter. It would be nice if it could stay this way-with the gradual changes.

    Still hope that Luke gets a happy ending and doesn’t shrink out of sight or get stuck that way forever. Despite the appeal of this ending, I would like to see a protagonist of this type of story end off okay for once.

  3. SP

    The Art is good at times, but the story is not there much in this chapter. No Doctor visit to establish new heights and narrative, and inconsistent drawings of sister at times seem to not hint that she has grown at times. This can be remedied by giving the ladie’s more visual mass and such, longer thicker body parts, etc. Some flashback would be cool. Please identify the new heights, weights, etc. It would have helped if more characters (like a neighbor, mailman, another kid, etc). More characters being thrown into the mix to establish the changes that are going on would be good, and prevent it from seeming like a re-hash. There has to be a scene where doctor is looking up at Amy. Please consider making GTS and growth stories where the female characters acquire bulk and mass, big feet, arms, hands, etc. They look too much like skinny models. Please do not get me wrong, there are good parts, like the split screen of GF and Luke, that was good, the GF looks kinda massy. I just want a good ending. I want to see female empowerment continue. Thanks.

    1. ArrayList

      I feel like there are already other comics here that deal with that subject of sudden spurts of bulk and mass. I personally like the differences this one is going for.

  4. ArrayList

    Although the art is a little inconsistent, I actually like the smaller scale of this comic in contrast to the massive growth spurts you see in other comics. You usually don’t see it on a more gradual level slightly smaller level like it is portrayed here. It makes this different from the other comics and thats why i read it.

  5. a

    This series is the best I’ve ever seen, on this site or any other site. Please consider doing more at this scale of growth, with this kind of writing, and this art studio. Looking forward to more chapters and more in this style!

  6. v00d00

    Like this chapter a lot! Especially the shower scenes. I do wish there was a little more girl on girl action, either Mom/Nicole or Nicole/Amy!

    Also, is this going to be 5 or 6 parts, cause the description says both:
    “Part Three of a five part series that explores”
    “Note: This is Part Three of Six Parts”

  7. jasbow

    Great chapter. I am really enjoying this comic, although I too look forward to more comparison scenes between Luke and the ladies in the next chapter. I am guessing the fact that he was left marinating in a pool of Weed Shrinker means that poor little Luke is about to get a lot littler. I’m curious as to why Amy’s polka dot hair tie was left lying next to Luke’s hole, however. Will Luke perhaps be wearing it in the next chapter after he shrinks out of his shorts?

    1. wtw

      Enjoying as well. A little more consistency would be great – for example, Amy should have been taller than Mom after her overnight growth spurt (from the “super gro” spill the night before). Also, she doesn’t seem to keep her boob growth from scene to scene. But overall, awesome. Probably outvoted, but more Nicole, less Mom :)…

  8. Hunter S. Creek

    I was also disappointed by the lack of consistency.
    The most obvious example is as wtw noted previously: Amy experiencing episodes of breast growth without actually having proportionately larger breasts in subsequent panels.

  9. Jenna

    very Nice !!
    I love growth of MOM ! she must grow to 10 ft tall .
    please make a comic of the city of mini giantess Mom and girls !!

  10. wtw

    Agree with other thoughts on liking this scale. It’s nice to see them remain plausibly tall and sexy and not gargantuan.

  11. David

    Good as ever. But think the story is becoming very weak. The son is now the size of an eight year old and his now adult sized sister is more concerned about being seen in the nude than the shock of it and taking advantage of the situation. Stop the growth and shrinking for an issue and let them come to terms with the situation.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      It’s a good point about slowing down the story, but part of the interest (for me at least) is the continuing growth / shrinking and how it keeps changing the dynamic. Also the comic is already at 6 chapters.

      One option is to revisit the characters at certain stages of their growth / shrinkage. So there could be a whole new comic where Amy was at 5 foot 9 and Luke at 4 foot 6. There are plenty of fun situations they could get into…

        1. dreamtales Post author

          Well the next comic will be Puberty Fairies Two, so it will be after that. The art for Part Four is still not completed. Maybe the end of September?

      1. wtw

        Hopefully part of slowing down (or the changing dynamic) will be more comparison and teasing in a physical way – she needs to be picking Luke up here pretty soon and comparing him to herself or parts of herself…

  12. Frenchyars

    It’s a good point David.
    The fun with the shrik and grow, its when something append.
    Some time we lost the first goal.
    More Heigh comparaison pls.
    and some situation will be well come.
    Continue your good work.

    Frenchy Ars

  13. mmm

    Good ideas and i think it would be awesome if one of Amy’s friends in school (who didn’t experience growth formula) come to visit and she bullies Luke around as Luke now is shorter then Amy was in the beginning. also flashbacks about Luke used to tease this girl and Amy before he shrunk and now she humiliates him and pay him back with Amy would be great by comparing heights chasing him get him spanked and other stuff.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      Sorry for the confusion. There will be at least 6 parts, maybe more depending on the reception of the later chapters. I’m currently working on the script for Part 6.

      Also, I am seriously considering doing an AR version of Yard Work, which would tell the story all over again with a focus on age-changing.


      1. Macready

        Definitely have enjoyed the first three parts and look forward to what you have in store still. And yeah the Mom is my favorite character as well 🙂

  14. Greg

    Have bought all 3 parts so far! Loving this story.

    Do they go back to the doctor’s office again? It’d be nice to see them get another official measure.

    Also, is school in session? It would be fun to see how the boys and teacher in Amy’s class respond to her new height and attributes. She probably towers over them all.

    Is Amy getting more fit and muscular? Any chance of seeing her flex? Having her do that and/or pick her helpless brother up off the ground would be very humiliating for Luke, and great to watch.

    Thanks for the great story so far!

  15. Greg

    Really like this story, but not so big on seeing it w/ AR elements.

    I actually like how the artist keeps both Luke and Amy’s faces essentially the same as they were while they’re shrinking and growing. To me, that’s part of the fun of it. That the tables are turning and it’s still Luke’s little sister, but now she’s towering over him.

    I hope the shrinking and growing doesn’t go too far into the realm of fantasy. I like the idea that Luke and Amy can still interact with people from the real world, and those people wouldn’t notice anything wrong.

    When it gets to the point of Luke taking a bath in a tea cup, or Amy stepping over their house, it won’t be as fun for me anymore. It would just feel kind of silly. (That’s just my personal taste.)

    But a waitress getting Luke a booster seat, or a college scout seeing Amy and offering her a scholarship to come play basketball for him would be great. Does that make sense? That’s where my zone is.

    Question for the author: Is Luke & Amy’s mom a single mom? Or is dad away for extended business or some reason? Any chance of dad coming home and reacting to everyone’s changes? That could be fun. Especially with mom.

    Also, any chance of us seeing sneak peeks of Chapter 4? A random panel or early sketch?

    Thank you.

  16. dreamtales Post author

    Thanks for the comments! Yes, there will be more Mom coming up. I’ll try to post a sketch of the upcoming chapters too.

    On page 1 of part 1 Mom says “Since dad left…” so it was supposed to signal that she’s divorced. I was planing to have her ex return in a later chapter.

  17. Greg

    Thanks for getting back to me. And for saying you’ll try to post some upcoming sketches.

    Have you decided on the height of the dad yet?
    I think it would be fun if he were taller than the mom used to be, but far shorter than her now.
    Is dad going to get hit by weed shrinker and shrink down as well? No. Don’t tell me. I think I’d rather be surprised when I read the story.

    Keep up the good work!

  18. David

    The idea of an age comparison version in much more appealing than the current size issues. Would that be a full six issue version or just a one comic special?

      1. David

        Plus it would be utterly fantastic to have a cross over with something in the water beyond just a mention when you do the AR version. That is a comic that deserves a follow up as well.

          1. David

            You are welcome. A six parter with David perhaps transferred to the Japanese school where there are others suffering from the same problem? Sounds like a six parter to me.

            Oh and his ex girl friend as a teacher/foreign exchange student?

            I’d just love to see how Bobby and Lisa are doing these days as well!

  19. 1zaza1

    after amy says luke can be the little brtother, i want to see that happen. maybe mom can leave amy in charge of luke, or maybe they have to go shopping as big sister and little borther or something. amy/luke or mom/luke spanking wouldb e hot too.

  20. ArrayList

    DON’t make the scale too big please. I know a lot of people go super size but I really don’t want anything overboard please.

    1. wtw

      Agree with arraylist. Sexiness goes away if they just become inconceivable giants. But mid-high in the 6 ft range, maybe close to 7 can still be fun :). And Luke maybe looking up at his little sister’s belly button, ha!

  21. Rand

    My two cents: hoping to see mom and Amy go shopping for new clothes at the mall while bringing Luke along. Amy pushes mom to buy more revealing outfits too.

  22. Greg

    Hi. Any chance we could get a teaser to hold us off until October?
    Maybe a new comparison shot between the new bigger Amy and the even shorter Luke?
    Thanks! Can’t wait for the new issue!


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