Yard Work Part Two June 6, 2013

a shrunken Luke is looking up at Amy in Yard Work Two.

Luke is looking up at Amy in Yard Work Two.

38 pages, Color, US$9.99
Female Growth, Shrinking Men
Artwork by Sedna Studio

Part Two of a multi-part series that explores – in minute detail – what happens as a big older brother shrinks while his his irritating little sister grows. Follow Luke and Amy as they experience a huge role reversal!

In Part Two:
Amy’s teasing kicks into high gear as Luke keeps shrinking;
Luke and Nicole take a shower in Weed Shrinker;
After a romantic interlude, Nicole washes off with Super Gro;
And when did Mom get so sexy?

You can see Part One here

Note: This is Part Two of a Multi-Part Series You can see the other parts of Yard Work here.

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US$ 9.99

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This comic is also part of the Yard Work Pack One.

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49 thoughts on “Yard Work Part Two

  1. Growthfan

    I agree, this is a fantastic continuation and I can’t wait for Part 3. Here’s what I’m hoping for: Luke continues to shrink smaller than 4 feet tall, while Amy gets a big dose of Super Gro and gradually grows past seven feet tall. The power and size dynamic shift in this story is just superb and I hope that continues.

  2. Remylocke

    This one was better than part 1. Great installment and now I am eager for part 3. I hope Amy humiliates him as their size difference becomes even more apparent. Would also be nice to see Nicole go round 2 with Luke shrinking smaller than her!

  3. v00d00

    Definitely better than part one! I LOVED Nicole shrinking, especially the scenes in the shower & in Luke’s bedroom! Wonderful stuff! I really, really hope there is more of Nicole shrinking around Amy/Luke’s mom! Sooo hot!

  4. David

    I hate to be the one that disagrees but this was not as good as part one. The over sexualisation is bad. Okay it is a point worth noting but by overusing it, it looses impact. Son in front of naked mother with head in breasts is just to far. This should have stopped with with the brother / sister dynamic. The shrinking girl friend and then rapid growth back means that the hero can grow as well? Bit of a let out at the end unless either it does not work on boys or the girls don’t let him grow up again or he chooses not to. Loved seeing the man becoming the boy. Scenes at the Dr with the nurse were good. Think there was not enough of this – small boy routine. And him having sex while being so small makes the point that he is not really getting younger, just smaller. Linked to the water story was excellent but of course there it was ar for the boys! But excellent marketing. Looking forward to part three of course.

  5. ArrayList

    But, there should be some sort of resolution for him at the end of the comic. It’ll be sad if he shinks down to just a foot tall and gets stuck that way forever, if the super gro does not work for boys. It would just be too depressing.

  6. dreamtales Post author

    Don’t worry, Luke will have a happy ending – but of course the poor guy will be totally humiliated before he gets there.

    Thanks for all the comments, pro and con!

    1. Remylocke

      Please tell me the syringe he got in his backside halts his age regression only, not his shrinking! That would be AWESOME!

  7. jt

    Loved this comic better then part one hope Luke gets a lot small
    And love the shower seen hope
    Loving the bit at the end with the naked mother and Luke hope there is more off that when.Luke is even small can’t wait for part 3 hope it won’t be too long before that 🙂

  8. Jasbow

    This was a fantastic second chapter. I particular enjoyed the combined male and female gradual shrinking sequence with Luke and Nicole unaware that they are both getting smaller since they remain the same relative sizes to each other. I also enjoyed the scenes where Amy rumples Luke’s hair and calls him her “little brother” and where a fuming Luke reluctantly hugs his now much taller sister as she maliciously presses his face against her chest. The scene with a shrunken Luke leaning out the window to kiss a re-grown Nicole not realizing that she now towers over him is tantalizing. I’m looking forward to chapter 3 when little Luke experiences the shock of seeing big Nicole on the level. I hope she finds his diminutive size intriguing – lots of interesting possibilities there.

  9. Dragonstorm545

    Great addition, but one question (and I’m sorry if I’m being a bother or pest) When is the first part of “The Puberty Fairies” coming out? Since Part Three of Yard Work is taking a while to make

  10. magic formula

    I loved the fate of Luke in the first and I cannot wait for his humiliation and loss of status and manhood continues.

    I darkly wish such a curse would befall me.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful dream.

  11. dreamtales Post author

    Yes, poor Luke will be getting much smaller, but not any younger.

    Actually it’s deliberately unclear whether he’s gotten any younger in the first place. He’s shorter and weaker, but not necessarily younger.

  12. Growthfan75

    Very glad to hear that Luke will continue to shrink, but what about Amy? It goes without saying that I hope her growth not only continues but accelerates!

  13. josh

    Love how things are going with Luke and Amy. Not so sure about the Mom stuff. Unless maybe all of them shrink except for Amy, which could be fun. Hoping Amy doesn’t grow beyond reason, but stays in some range where she would still be hot…

  14. Justin Brown

    I loved it. I hope all three ladies become true giantesses and can’t fit in the house anymore. I would love to see the mom have a huge growth spurt.

  15. Alexis32

    I would like Luke´s mother will be the biggest girl too.
    And the other girls much bigger!
    This story is excellent. Great art. The story line is really good.

  16. David

    The problem with it being unclear as to whether it is AR or size change only is what is happening to the girls. The girls don’t just grow they physically develop, re Breast sizes … And the shrunken girl friend has no problems in having sex. If David suffers from AR then this is a major plot hole. Unless it is a case of regressing to the mean? I admit I am biased and would like a full AR case for David even if it is as simple as the girls starting to treat him like a little boy and combined with his physical issues eg not reaching the shelf starts to become a little boy mentally. I think this would actually be a fun issue to explore. It was touched on in Age Vampire when they have to return to her place. More of this would be good.

  17. Elite8

    It’s really nice to see the characters are really mature!
    They keep up developing their relationship in the same way regardless to their physical changes.
    A very important message expressed, indeed.

    This is a truly outstanding story, I can’t wait for the next part!

  18. Brian

    Add more to the mom son dynamic! The mom growth is hot! Keep it up! I hope her breasts get even bigger and he notices how much of a fox his mom is becoming.

    1. dreamtales Post author

      If there’s enough interest I might try releasing shorter chapters every month. So instead of 36 pages, it’s 18 pages at half the price. I think I can do that and maintain the production schedule for a while.

  19. Jasbow

    I would buy half chapters if it means more frequent updates of this fantastic story. Please keep them coming.

  20. Frenchy Ars

    I will buy it.
    For my part I don’t like when every interest is in one comic to try to please everyone (giantess, AG, AP, breast expansion, muscular woman, mini giantess, shrinking.
    I prefer when it’s keep sample like 1 or 2 interests.
    Some time I bought one comic for my interest and at the end. It’s just one page of interesting thing for me.
    Sorry for my English I’m french. I dont want to insult (some time word have other definition for me). Just my opinion

    thank’s to offer

  21. David

    No thanks for half chapters. Don’t want to have to many files to open and close to read the whole story at the end. Keep it to full chapters please.

  22. jtl

    Yard Work (great, by the way!) seems to be going in the direction of “Hide and Seek”. Do you think you might ever do a comic for “Big Little Sister”?

  23. Brian

    I was kinda hoping his little sister would get shrunken down by a large amount, but this still works, I love how you did a reverse there with one of the characters. Nice plot twist, also interesting to see mom is getting some love 😀 And the scene with her and Luke made me laugh so hard, fine work. I swear you have some top classed writers and artist on hand, that is all I can say. I’m off to read part 3 soon and I really hope part 3 isn’t the last one.


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