Mega Bikini Bomb Blast June 25, 2014

More mega-giantess fun in Mega Bikini Bomb Blast

More size changing fun in Mega Bikini Bomb Blast

41 pages, Black & White, $5.99
Giantess, Mega Giantess
Artwork by Bojay

More wonderful South Pacific size changing art by Bojay! An atomic bomb test turns a cute South Pacific island girl into a huge mega-giantess.

Plot Summary: Mike and Steve witness the biggest atomic test so far, and cute little Lili appears to have disappeared – or has she? The barren island turns out to be her giant body, and a mega-giantess sized Lili toys with a Navy Battleship.

“Mega Bikini Bomb Blast” has 41 pages in black and white, including a main story of 27 pages, plus another 14 pages of fun sketch ideas by Bojay. The pages are mostly single panels.

Sample illustrations
See the first Bikini Bomb Blast comic here.
Read a review of the first comic.

US$ 5.99

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This comic is also part of the Bikini Bomb Pack.

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6 thoughts on “Mega Bikini Bomb Blast

  1. m

    excellent comic !!
    bojay can use milfs in his works
    but I’m waiting for yard work 9 and a giantess mom .

  2. corey

    I really liked this one dreamtales still way excited for Yard work part 9 but we are almost in July so not that far I really liked how the girl’s “behind” looked like the island nice work

  3. The Mole

    Very fun comic.

    Would love to see a part two to this where Lili meets the rest of the navy. She could sunbathe on a carrier and have fun with a submarine!

    And perhaps she passes a jealous whale and some tiny sharks on the way! 🙂

    And, who knows, perhaps she has a second growth spurt! Here’s hoping!


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