Lili’s Mega Space Adventure November 12, 2014

A mega-giantess Lili finds a space capsule.

A mega-giantess Lili finds a space capsule.

52 pages, Black & White
US $8.99
Giantess, Mega Giantess
Artwork by Bojay

“I’ve been waiting for a giga growth giantess comic from you and Bojay just knocked it out of the atmosphere.”

The ultimate mega-giantess comic! An atomic bomb test turns a cute South Pacific island girl into a gigantic Miss Universe, with some of Bojay’s most beautiful artwork!

Plot Summary: Follow Lili as she grows and grows, from a run-in with a shark, to riding a whale, orbiting the earth, creating a solar eclipse – and beyond.

“Lili’s Mega Space Adventure” features 52 black and white pages, including 26 multi-panel pages and 26 single-panel splash pages. There are an additional 7 bonus sketch pages.

Sample illustrations

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US$ 8.99

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The comic is also for sale at the Process Productions Store.

This comic is also part of the Bikini Bomb Pack.

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10 thoughts on “Lili’s Mega Space Adventure

  1. Vel100

    Simply awesome! I’ve been waiting for a giga growth giantess comic from you for awhile and bojay just knocked it out of the atmosphere. Thanks and hope to see more stories like this down the line. 🙂

  2. Remylocke

    Though mega giantess is not my cup of tea, I must say this was worth the purchase! It is cute, sexy, and oh so fun! Great work by the artist!

  3. Jaebird

    Speaking as someone who isn’t too keen on giantess growth that extends to cosmic levels, I truly enjoyed this. And the space portion is the highlight of the story.


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