Missa AP Video December 9, 2014

I commissioned a new video from Missa called The Naughty Niece. Mischievous little Missa is being babysat by her Aunt, who is working on a growth serum in her home lab. Missa takes the growth potion, and spikes her Aunt’s coffee with a Reducing Potion. The story is a classic role reversal theme that was executed really well.

Missa did a fantastic job on this video! I loved her acting, she created a very fun and believable character in little Missa. You could see that she really enjoyed making it, which comes across in the final product.

There’s a lot squeezed into the 18 minutes: a great AP scene, spanking, shrinking, more spanking and then an AR finale.

The video is for sale only – you can check it out at Miss Missa’s website (Warning: Definitely Not Safe For Work!):

The Naughty Niece on Missa’s Site

The Naughty Niece on Clips for Sale

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