Olympic Trials Part Two May 30, 2014

Frank gets younger in Olympic Trials Part Two

Frank gets younger in Olympic Trials Part Two

42 pages, Color and B&W, US$8.99
Age Regression, Age Progression, Male AR
Artwork by PalComix

More age-changing fun with Suzy, Marilyn and Frank on the Olympic Gymnastics team! There are 22 pages of great artwork by Palcomix, plus 20 pages of special age progression and age regression sketch scenes by Bojay!

Plot Summary: Suzy and her newly nubile teammates plot their revenge against Marilyn for putting growth serum into the girls’ water supply. And Marilyn’s scheme starts to backfire as she keeps getting younger. With a great Male Age Regression ending, plus some fun sketch gags by Bojay!

Note: This is Part Two of a Two Part comic. You can see Part One here.

Sample illustrations

US$ 8.99

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4 thoughts on “Olympic Trials Part Two

  1. Alexis32

    Another great chapter with Marilyn and Suzy.
    You´re doing a great job with a lot of different story lines.

    I´m agree with giantess idea too.

  2. TheMathemagician

    Ok,not bad. The end is kind of weak,though-seriously?


    Marilyn gets the shrunken Frank and “wins” at the end? Really? Come on! I would have had Suzy and the other 2 girls drink the growth formula in front of Marilyn and become gorgeous, 6’6′, buxom amazons-and get invited to the Olympics on the basketball team! I wouldn’t want them to get TOO big, though-I don’t like really huge giantesses, I prefer they be kept at possible-if not probable-statures. But that’s just me and my tastes.

    Nice to see some of the others here had the same idea. Maybe in a sequel or a future alternate version.


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